Orbital Motor Market Analysis


In a sense, orbital motors are tools used to produce labor, and most of the mechanical work relies on the kinetic energy generated by hydraulic motors. With the maturity of product technology and production technology, the global hydraulic market has entered a relatively stable and mature development stage. From the perspective of market distribution, the global hydraulic market is mainly occupied by Europe, the United States, China, Japan, of which China's hydraulic technology started late, but the market scale has developed rapidly, which has played an important role in promoting the global hydraulic industry. According to the International Fluid Power Association, by 2020, China has become the world's largest hydraulic market, and the share of the global market has jumped from 26.93% in 2010 to 36.04%. Thanks to the fact that since the 21st century, the state has gradually increased its attention to the development of the hydraulic industry, and the hydraulic industry has been regarded as one of the strategic priorities of industrial development and included in a number of national development plans.


Although there are still people who believe that there is a big gap between China's hydraulic industry and foreign countries. But their view is mainly in terms of parts, Chinese factories can produce fewer varieties of products than European and American countries, believing that China's hydraulic products are mainly low-end, low quality level, lack of independent innovation products. This is a one-sided view, after years of development and research, China has emerged many excellent hydraulic enterprises, the quality of the production is no different from international brands, in some aspects but also improved and innovated, making hydraulic motors more suitable for the ever-changing market. Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. is the first factory in North China to produce and export hydraulic motors, steering devices, since 2010, we have manufactured many surprising products through innovative research, in addition to maintaining the advantages of traditional hydraulic products, we have improved the structure of hydraulic motors, more compact size, longer life, and stable performance in extreme environments. In addition, Hanjiu Technology has also closely followed the pace of the market and started a series of research and development of intelligent hydraulic products, determined to become an international brand. With the advantage of labor cost, the blessing of professional skills, and the concept of daring to innovate, we have made great concessions in the sales of hydraulic motors, while ensuring product quality, Hanjiu's products are more favorable.


Whether you are a dealer or an individual customer, if you have bulk demand for hydraulic motors or other hydraulic parts, welcome to learn about Hanjiu Technology and cooperate with us for a win-win situation.



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