Orbital Motor Types


Depending on the classification basis, Orbital Motor types will also change.In general, according to the structure of Orbital Motor, it can be divided into gear motor, vane motor, plunger motor and screw motor; According to the displacement, it can be divided into quantitative motor and variable motor; According to its working characteristics, it can be divided into high-speed hydraulic motor and low-speed hydraulic motor. Among them, the classification according to the characteristics of the work is the most understandable.


After introducing Orbital Motor types, Hanjiu shares with you what factors you need to pay attention to when choosing a motor for your hydraulic system, in addition to considering classification. In many cases, drawing on past experience is a shortcut to primary motor selection, and when no previous experience is available, the following factors must be considered: workload cycle, oil type, minimum and maximum flow, pressure range, open or closed system, ambient temperature, system operating temperature and cooling system, oil pump type (gear pump, piston pump or vane pump), overload protection (safety valve close to the hydraulic motor), speed overrun load protection, radial load and axial load.


Workload cycling and speed over load protection are two important factors that are often overlooked. When the speed exceeds the load condition, the motor is in the oil pump condition, and the torque experienced by the motor linkage shaft may reach twice the normal operating condition. If the above situation is ignored, it will cause damage to the motor.


System matching is another very important factor to consider when the workload is cycling. If you need the motor to work at full load for a long time and have a satisfactory service life, then you must try Hanjiu's hydraulic motor, which maintains excellent performance in extreme working environments is the characteristic of Hanjiu motor, and it is also one of the few high-quality low-cost motors on the market. If the frequency of motor work is very low, you can choose a series of products with low performance indicators, so that the selected motor is the most cost-effective.


For example, if you want to buy hydraulic motors that can meet the needs of mining in bulk, then Hanjiu Bmr Series Orbit Hydraulic Motor must be the best choice, Gerolor gear set adopts advanced manufacturing equipment, adopts low-pressure start, smooth operation, reliability and high efficiency. The shaft seal can withstand the high pressure of the back, and the motor can be used in parallel or series. Longer service life with specially designed drive-to-connector, flange output shaft and oil port with multiple connection options. At peak pressure, the maximum torque can reach 680 Nm, and the speed is only 190 rpm.


Hanjiu is looking forward to your arrival, we will customize the most suitable hydraulic solution for you according to your needs.


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