Orbital motor maintenance tips


Orbital motor is widely used in daily life, although a variety of working environments are different, but maintenance skills are similar, here Hanjiu for you to introduce some rail motor maintenance skills, hope that you in the process of use to minimize the failure caused by human factors.


Starting from the operation, we need to check whether the hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor are installed correctly and firmly, whether the coupling installation meets the requirements, and whether the coupling is stuck by turning the coupling by hand. After the first system operation or long-term storage, clean hydraulic oil should be filled into the pump and motor housing as designed before start-up. Otherwise, you will not be able to make sure that the product components need to use rotation correctly and accurately at startup. Adjust the overflow in the system to a small size and do not start with the load. Before the first run, the spring housing must be filled with oil. When the pump is first run, an open circuit must be used and the system must be operated under pressure. Pressure can usually be established when the hydraulic oil pump and circuit are quickly injected and drained and when the air is completely empty. After jogging at startup, continue to develop and operate after normal work. After running for a certain amount of time, it will not lead to some undesirable social phenomena, and gradually adjust to its own required pressure and flow. The larger adjustable value of the safety pressure relief valve shall not exceed the national regulations. If you want to use the motor again that has not been used for more than 3 months, let it dry for 30 minutes first. If it is found that the normal temperature rise, leakage, vibration or sound are found in the process of enterprise operation and management, it should be stopped immediately for inspection. When the motor is stopped, it must be unloaded first, and then stopped. Regular inspection is equally important to confirm the correct operating status and function of each component, such as observation, measurement, trial operation, etc.; This includes cleaning and replacing parts such as changing oil, replacing seals, etc.


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