Orbital Motor Working Principle


As we all know, a orbital motor is a device that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. Below we have listed several common hydraulic motor principles:


Orbit Hydraulic Motor  Gerolor gear set adopts advanced manufacturing equipment, adopts low-pressure start, smooth operation, reliability and high efficiency. The shaft seal can withstand the high pressure of the back, and the motor can be used in parallel or series.


Gear hydraulic motor: A gear hydraulic motor converts hydraulic energy through one or more pairs of meshing gears. The hydraulic fluid enters the gear chamber, turns the gear, and converts the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. Gear hydraulic motors are simple and compact, suitable for low speeds and medium power requirements.


Axial piston hydraulic motor: The axial piston hydraulic motor adopts the axial movement between the plunger and the rotor to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. The plunger moves axially inside the rotor as the hydraulic fluid pushes, creating torque. Axial piston hydraulic motors are compact and have high power density for high-speed and high-power applications.


Radial piston hydraulic motor: In a radial piston hydraulic motor, the movement between the plunger and the rotor is radial. The plunger is connected to the rotor by a pendulum, and the pressure of the hydraulic fluid causes the plunger to reciprocate in the plunger groove, which is converted into the rotational motion of the rotor. Radial piston hydraulic motors have a complex structure and high power density, which is suitable for high power and high speed applications.


Worm gear hydraulic motor: The worm gear hydraulic motor uses the meshing motion of worm gear and star gear to realize the conversion of hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. The hydraulic fluid passes through the inlet and outlet of the worm gear, creating a meshing between the worm gear and the star gear, resulting in torque. Worm gear hydraulic motors are simple and compact and suitable for low and medium power applications.


After we understand the working principle of orbital motor, I believe that everyone must have certain questions about the product, how to choose the most suitable hydraulic motor for yourself? Is the price right? Is the quality passable?


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