Orbital Motor Troubleshooting


When using the orbital motor, failure is inevitable, in order to facilitate your reference, this article Hanjiu mainly summarizes and shares some common fault factors and troubleshooting methods of hydraulic orbital motor.


The hydraulic motor is leaking. The leakage of the hydraulic motor is too large, the volumetric efficiency is greatly reduced, and the leakage amount is unstable, causing the hydraulic motor to shake or stop when it rotates, that is, crawling occurs. The size of the leakage is related to the working pressure difference, the viscosity of the oil, the structural form of the hydraulic motor, the displacement size and the quality of processing and assembly. This phenomenon is more obvious at low speeds, because the flow rate of the incoming hydraulic motor at low speeds is small, the leakage is large, and it is easy to cause speed fluctuations. External leakage will cause the braking performance of the hydraulic motor to deteriorate. When lifting heavy objects or driving wheels with hydraulic motors, in order to prevent heavy objects from falling automatically or automatically sliding wheels on slopes, there must be a certain braking requirement. After the oil inlet and outlet of the hydraulic motor are cut off, the motor should theoretically not rotate at all, but in fact it is still rotating slowly, that is, there is external leakage, heavy objects falling slowly or the vehicle sliding down the slope will cause an accident. The solution is to check the sealing performance, select hydraulic oil with appropriate viscosity, and set up a special brake device if necessary.


Hydraulic motor crawling. Hydraulic motor crawling is one of the faults that are prone to occur at low speeds. The minimum stable speed of the hydraulic motor refers to the minimum speed at which no crawling phenomenon occurs under the rated load. The reasons for the crawling of the hydraulic motor at low speed are: the size of the frictional resistance is uneven or unstable The change of friction resistance is related to the assembly quality of the hydraulic motor, the wear of the sliding surface of the parts, the lubrication condition, the viscosity and pollution degree of the hydraulic oil, etc.; The amount of leakage is unstable, resulting in the crawling phenomenon of the hydraulic motor. At high speed, because of its large rotational inertia, crawling is not obvious; At low speeds, when the inertia is small, there will be obvious crawling phenomena of uneven rotation, jitter or stop-and-go. In order to avoid or reduce the crawling phenomenon of the hydraulic motor, maintenance personnel should judge the friction and wear of the hydraulic motor in time according to the abnormal changes in temperature and noise, and ensure that there is sufficient lubrication on the relative moving surface; Choose the right oil and keep it clean; Maintain a good seal, check the leakage site in time, and take anti-leakage measures.


Hydraulic motor emptying and impact. Due to the increase of the speed of some hydraulic motors, the connecting rod sometimes close to the crankshaft surface and sometimes off the crankshaft surface will hit the phenomenon. Another example is that when the multi-acting internal curved hydraulic motor makes a return movement, the plunger and roller will be empty due to the action of inertial force. In order to avoid impact and emptying, the back pressure of the return chamber must be guaranteed.


Hydraulic motor noise. There are two main types of hydraulic motor noise: mechanical noise and hydraulic noise. Mechanical noise is caused by loosening, collision, eccentricity, etc. of bearings, couplings or other moving parts. Hydraulic noise is caused by the pulsation of pressure and flow, the change of trapped oil volume, the impact of high and low pressure oil instantaneously turned on, friction, eddy current, cavitation, air precipitation, bubble collapse, etc. during oil flow.


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