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China is a big manufacturing country with strong productivity. All kinds of products are made in China and sold all over the world. With good quality and relatively low prices, the products made in China are very competitive. I believe you have heard of it. .Orbital motors produced in China have the same advantages.


orbital motors are one of the best-selling motors in the hydraulic motor family. The orbital motor has precise structure, light body and many types. It can be used in agriculture, fishery, light industry, heavy industry and other fields, and has a wide range of applications. Because of these advantages, there are many customers who buy orbital motors, and there are more factories producing orbital motors, and there is a lot of competition pressure. In China alone, there are countless orbital motor manufacturers, but among many companies, there is one company that is still outstanding and eye-catching, and it is Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd.


Hanjiu has been engaged in the production of hydraulic products since 2010, and has more than ten years of rich experience. It is the first company specializing in the production of hydraulic products in northern China. It has developed into the largest hydraulic product production company in northern China. A large proportion of orbital motors in the Chinese market are produced by Hanjiu. Hanjiu does not limit its development vision to the domestic market. It is its ultimate ideal to serve the people of the world. Therefore, Hanjiu is actively developing the world market while maintaining the domestic market. Now, Hanjiu's products have been sold to over 30 countries around the world. There are many countries, and they have their own sales points in many countries. The orbital motor produced by Hanjiu has won unanimous praise from international customers.


The quality of the orbital motor products produced by Hanjiu is very good, but if it is improperly installed, it will also cause damage to the product and shorten the service life of the product, so you need to pay attention to the following points when installing.


(1) The mounting and fixing support of the cycloid hydraulic motor must have sufficient rigidity. When the system has a pressure shock, the motor is not allowed to vibrate, which is easy to damage the motor.


(2) When the oil inlet and return of the motor are steel pipes, the stress of the pipeline should be completely removed, and the pipeline should not be allowed to act on the motor. When connecting the oil drain pipe, the oil return resistance should be below 0.3MPa. It should be connected to the oil tank alone, and must not be connected in series with other oil return lines. If the oil return resistance (back pressure) is too high, it will cause the technical performance of the motor to deteriorate. .


(3) Before starting the motor after installation, fill the motor housing with clean hydraulic oil from the two oil ports. Rotate the output shaft, and install the machine if there is no abnormality.


(4) The radial load on the motor output shaft should not exceed the specified value, otherwise it will affect the reliability of the motor and shorten its service life.


(5) When the motor is put into operation for about 200h, the oil should be changed and the oil filter should be cleaned.


Hanjiu produces a variety of hydraulic products. In addition to orbital motors, Hanjiu also sells Hanjiu hydraulic rail motors, Hanjiu orbital control devices, Hanjiu gear pumps, Hanjiu hydraulic integral valves, etc. These products can be It is interchangeable and cheap with products produced by international super brands such as Eaton. If you are interested in related products, please come to Hanjiu's official website to have a look!


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