orbital motor rexroth Compared with hanjiu orbital motors


In the construction machinery industry, China's core hydraulic parts and components products in the past have long been monopolized by Japan, South Korea, Germany and other countries in the situation. Because China's hydraulic industry started late, the foundation is weak, but after more than 60 years of development, many domestic enterprises also achieve double breakthroughs in the field of hydraulic technology and market, some excellent enterprises can even participate in global competition to achieve the expansion of overseas market, Hanjiu Technology Company is one of them.


The headquarters of Hanjiu Technology Company is in Shijiazhuang, China, and now they are one of the most professional hydraulic companies in China, not only in China, but also in their overseas business volume, and they have served customers covering many countries and regions. Hanjiu Technology Company, as a company specializing in researching and producing hydraulic motors, has a complete range of hydraulic motor product models, and they can produce all the types of motors available on the market. As a new generation of innovative companies, They also, according to some motors, Some more practical motors have been developed, Such as the omp 125 motor, In multifunctional operation, it is also possible to provide individual variants of the unit to suit the requirements of the user's application. In summary, You can always find the motor you want in their company, In addition to the excellent performance of their company's products, There are also many other features worth buying, Such as long life, cost performance is very high. In terms of after-sales service, it is also second to none. No matter what trouble you encounter, you can contact the customer service at any time, and they will quickly make solutions according to your problem. In addition, their production was very fast, and they had a relatively longer warranty period of 18 months. They will never cut corners because the prices are lower than other manufacturers. Their products are priced low, even reaching half of some famous international brands, mainly because the leaders want to reduce their profits, and just want to bring the greatest benefits to the local people or dealers.


Bosch, for example, Rexroth, for example, has a long history of development. The company was founded as a hydraulic-driven forging and iron workshop, and then developed into an iron factory in Law, Main River. Now, it has become a customized solution expert in the hydraulic industry with its own industry technology. The motor products they sell are mainly axial plunger motor, external engaged gear motor, radial plunger motor several types. Compared with orbital motor rexroth, Hanjiu orbital motors can be completely replaced, whether in terms of quality, service, or the use of the experience above, Hanjiu can be comparable.


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