Orbital steering pump


Orbital steering pump is a common part of our common device in daily work machinery, it mainly has the following characteristics:


1. The power steering pump is the power source of the hydraulic power steering system, which converts the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy through the engine as the transmission medium, and the steering gear converts the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy through the hydraulic oil output by the oil pump, thereby reducing the driver's operating intensity and improving the maneuverability of the whole vehicle.


2. Control the internal pressure of the power steering pipeline through the pressure safety valve to ensure the safety of the steering system;


3. Control the flow of the steering system through the flow control valve to ensure the driver's steering feel when the vehicle is driving at high speed.


If you are looking for the right orbital steering pump, today we recommend the Orbital OSPC. This product is a featured product launched by Hanjiu Technology, its size has 50, 63, 80, 100, 125, 160, 200, 250 and other models for you to choose, its performance is the same as Danfoss, m+S, Eaton 401-1, and can be applied to tractors, trucks, harvesters, special machines and other equipment. This product is the OSPC Integral series power steering unit, the OSPC series PSU integrates inlet check valve, safety valve, internal check valve, cylinder port shock valve and anti-cavitation valve, compared to other similar products on the market, this series has the characteristics of compact design and easy to use. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of low noise, and this product adopts a special casting design with low pressure drop. It consists of an open center, a closed center and a load center, which are composed of three basic systems.


In addition, we have 5 built-in valves, all of which have their own role, such as inlet safety valves, which limit the PSU to the greatest extent and thus protect the steering circuit. The cylinder port shock valve, on the other hand, protects the hose from pressure fluctuations caused by ground forces on the cylinder shaft. Anti-cavitation valves protect the steering circuit from vacuum or airborne impurities, while intake check valves prevent oil from passing through the PSU circuit when the cylinder is under pressure. The steering unit OSPC is widely used in steering control systems and mobile machinery steering, such as steering systems for a variety of industrial and agricultural industries, mobile machinery forklifts, loaders, road rollers, tractors, crimps, etc.


Finally, briefly introduce you to the company that provides this article Shijiazhuang Hanjiu Technology, we are a professional manufacturer of hydraulic products, in North China specializing in the production and export of hydraulic swing motor steering unit factory, since 2010, the company engaged in related industries for more than 12 years, from the procurement of raw materials to parts processing assembly program, to the products have a relatively perfect product quality system, and passed CE certification, we are committed to building an international famous brand and look forward to your purchase. At the same time, we also provide 12 months warranty service for the launched products, if you encounter any problems with your products during this period, welcome to contact our customer service, we will do our best to ensure that you have a good shopping experience. Of course, if you have any unfound product models at the same time of purchasing, you can also contact our customer service, our 24-hour online customer service will provide you with intimate help, hoping to become your trusted partner.


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