Troubleshooting methods for directional valves


We are Shijiazhuang Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd., the company since 2010, engaged in the industry for more than 12 years, is a professional production of cycloid motor, bzz steering machine enterprises, at the same time our directional valve, hydraulic steering unit and rail hydraulic motor different series of products are widely praised. We have been focusing on product development and quality improvement, and will conduct 1-to-1 testing on each product before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of products in your hands. More than ten years of industry production and manufacturing experience has made us a professional enterprise, today to bring you some troubleshooting methods about hydraulic system directional valve failure, if you are interested, you may wish to read below.


Fault phenomenon: The solenoid coil of the electromagnetic directional valve burns out.




1. The specification selection of electromagnetic coil enameled wire is not suitable, the ambient temperature is too high, and the electromagnetic coil is aging due to corrosion.


2. The working oil viscosity of the system is too high, resulting in excessive workload of the solenoid valve coil.


3. The processing accuracy of the solenoid valve is not enough, or there are pollutants entering, which directly leads to the clamping of the valve core, and the solenoid valve cannot push the valve core.


4. The solenoid valve return spring is just too large or installed incorrectly, which directly leads to the spring force being greater than the solenoid suction force.


Fault phenomenon: The AC electromagnet has noise




1. There is a problem with the quality of the electromagnet itself. During the passage of alternating current through the solenoid coil, this circuit is created between the iron core and the fixed core. If the processing error of the guide plate and the movable iron core is too large, it will affect the absorption effect of the iron core and the movable iron core.


2. There is dirt between the moving core and the fixed core, which eventually produces a humming sound during operation.


3. The copper short-circuit ring on the fixed iron core breaks, and eventually produces electromagnetic sound.


4. The pendulum is too long. This will directly cause the iron core and fixed core to produce noise because it is not well absorbed. At this point, the pendulum needs to be shortened.


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