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The Orbital 100 is part of Hanjiu's best-selling 101S series of steering gear. This product is compact and easy to operate, and adopts the 101S series hydraulic steering control unit, which can match the OEM number of all machines. Good quality, can replace Danfooss (OSPC), M+S (HKUS/4) series, widely used in steering control system. Correct and timely maintenance is the guarantee to reduce the failure rate and prolong the service life. In the process of using this product, strictly follow the following usage requirements, which can help you reasonably prolong the service life of the product and obtain a better user experience.


1. It is not allowed to turn off the gear and slide

Since the power source of the hydraulic power steering device comes from the engine. When the engine stops running, the power source of the steering assist system is interrupted, and the steering assist function is lost: at the same time, due to the damping in the hydraulic circuit, it will also prevent the normal operation of the mechanical steering part, increase the steering resistance of the mechanical steering part, and affect the driving. Safety.


2. Always check the amount of oil in the oil storage tank

The power transmission of the power steering device is completed by the oil. Once the oil in the oil storage tank is lacking and cannot meet the needs of the hydraulic system circulation, the power transmission function will be lost. Therefore, it is necessary to check the oil storage condition of the oil tank frequently. If it is found to be reduced, it should be replenished in time.


3. Strengthen maintenance and do a good job of three inspections a day

Regular inspection is an important part of ensuring driving safety. Especially important for steering systems. "Three inspections a day" found that loose screws and nuts must be tightened in time, and severely worn parts must be replaced and repaired in time. The distribution valve and afterburner oil pump in the power steering system belong to the high-precision assembly in the automobile. Parts have high requirements on cleanliness, so every 20,000 km or so, the oil reservoir, filter, pipeline should be cleaned and new oil should be replaced.


4. For the hydraulic power steering system, the quality of the working oil is also very important. The quality of the oil should meet the specified number of oil used in the hydraulic power steering system, and should meet the requirements of the original factory. The oil should have good quality. Visco-temperature characteristics, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, lubricity, no impurities and deposits. If there is no brand oil specified by the original factory, you can use No. 13 mechanical oil or No. 8 liquid

Power transmission oil is used instead, but the two oils cannot be mixed.


If you want to buy this outstanding product, then come to Hanjiu's official website and check it out. Hanjiu produces a wide range of hydraulic products including orbitrol 100. You can find all hydraulic products on the market here. Hanjiu is a professional manufacturer of BM series cycloid hydraulic motors and BZZ steering gears. It has dozens of high-quality and professional engineering and technical personnel, and introduced the most advanced production equipment in 2010. It is the largest in northern China. factory, with an annual output of more than 300,000 units.These products can replace Danfoss, Eaton, M+S series models, and are widely used in construction machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, petroleum machinery, agricultural machinery, injection molding machinery, fishing machinery and other fields.


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