Tractor orbitrol steering system


Tractors will have more or less failures in practice. Today, Hanjiu Technology will tell you about the specific failure phenomena that occur when the hydraulic steering system enters the air or the air is not exhausted cleanly.


1. The steering wheel swings seriously and the direction floats at high speed

Poor steering control When there is air in the steering cylinder, the steering wheel will swing left and right during driving, which is not obvious at low speed, but when the tractor is traveling at high speed, the direction will drift, the direction will not be well controlled, and the direction will feel out of control. Phenomenon. At this time, the tractor steering system should be exhausted. Because some tractor steering cylinders are limited by the steering angle and steering limit screws, the piston rod of the steering cylinder cannot fully extend and enter the cylinder block. When the steering wheel is turned back and forth until the dead center is exhausted, The air still cannot be discharged naturally through the steering oil pipe, so to ensure that the air in the steering oil circuit is drained cleanly, please exhaust as follows: Remove the steering ball head on one side of the steering oil cylinder, so that the piston rod of the steering oil cylinder can completely enter the oil cylinder body, Rotate the steering wheel back and forth to the dead center position to exhaust the air. This method cannot completely exhaust the air. Loosen the oil pipe joint of the steering cylinder and turn the steering wheel back and forth until the air is completely exhausted and there is no foam in the oil.


2. Turn to the oil tank filling port to spill oil

After the air is sucked into the hydraulic oil, the air will generate air bubbles and break under high pressure to make the oil become foamy. Spill at the fuel filler cap.


3. There are irregular noises when the steering system is working

After the air is sucked into the hydraulic oil, the air will generate air bubbles and break under the action of high pressure, which will cause vibration and noise in the hydraulic oil circuit, so there will be irregular noises, and the action of the steering cylinder will be reduced and responsive. Hysteresis affects steering accuracy.


4.the steering becomes heavier

Due to the compressibility of air, after the air enters the hydraulic oil, the compressibility of the hydraulic oil is increased, and the pressure of the hydraulic oil will drop, causing the steering to become heavier and heavier than before.


The air in the hydraulic oil circuit is not drained or the air is sucked into the hydraulic oil circuit, which has a great impact on the hydraulic steering performance. The steering also involves the safety of personnel and vehicles. Therefore, Hanjiu here reminds everyone to do a good job of inspection and prevention. Work.


Before using the vehicle, it is necessary to check whether the sealing of the steering oil can is in good condition, whether the sealing of the oil suction line, connecting hose and pipeline joint is good and not damaged. If it is found to be loose, it must be re-tightened and re-connected. , to avoid inhalation of air due to insufficient oil. The structural layout of the hydraulic system and the design of the pipeline direction should also be reasonable to avoid the situation that the air in the U-shaped pipeline is not easily discharged. Finally, pay attention to check the oil level of the steering oil pot, do not let the oil return pipe and the oil suction port show the liquid surface; do not bring in air bubbles when adding and change the oil; add a baffle between the oil return pipe port and the oil suction port to prevent air bubbles from entering the circulation. Bad oil circuit etc. Regular inspection of the air release performance and anti-foaming performance of the hydraulic oil cannot be ignored. The machine needs to replace the hydraulic oil regularly to ensure normal life and operation.


Hydraulic system is a very precise instrument product, and various problems will inevitably occur during use. However, according to some problems that Hanjiu Technology has solved for customers in recent years, a large part of the failure factors are due to operation. It is caused by the negligence or slack in maintenance of personnel in the process of use. But you don't have to worry at all, because Hanjiu Technology will be very happy to receive your inquiry, they will reply as soon as possible, and any professional-related problems will be solved. Because they adhere to the management principle of "quality first, service first, continuous improvement, innovation to satisfy customers" and the quality goal of "zero defect, zero complaint". To complete our service, they also provide high-quality products at reasonable prices. Want to be their client? Then click to enter the official website of Hanjiu Technology, there are not only various types of hydraulic products, but also a lot of professional knowledge for you to check. Hanjiu Technology is looking forward to your visit and cooperation.


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