Orbitrol 160


Orbital 160 is a model of Hanjiu's best-selling 101S series steering gear. It has all the features of the same series, and integrates the functions of all valve parts of safety valve, shock valve, suction valve and check valve in one housing Inside, this structure makes orbital 160 more compact in design and more convenient to operate. Orbital 160, like other products of Hanjiu, has very reliable quality, and the results are evaluated, and its use experience is also very good. When you buy such a steering How should the device be used to maximize its performance?


Based on this, I will tell you some precautions when installing the track steering device. When installing the steering gear, we must ensure the coaxiality with the column, but there must be a 1 mm gap in the axial direction; After the column is tightened, the threaded connection depth of the steering column must be less than or equal to 15 mm. After the steering gear is installed, it cannot be loosened, and the rotation of the steering wheel must be checked to ensure the flexibility of its return position. When connecting the pipeline, do not install it wrongly. The P oil port is connected to the fuel supply pump, the T oil port is connected to the oil tank, and the A and B oil ports are respectively connected to the left and right oil chambers of the steering gear. After connecting the pipeline, the flow of oil should also be considered,


The oil flow in the oil supply circuit pipeline of the P oil port is recommended to be ≤1.5m/s, and the oil flow in the cylinder pressure circuit pipeline of the A and B ports is recommended to be ≤4~5m/s. There are some other precautions: the diameter of the steering wheel should not exceed 500mm; it is recommended to install a return filter with a filtering accuracy of ±30 microns in the oil return line of the steering gear; the position of the oil tank is generally higher than the installation position of the steering gear, and the oil return pipe Inserted below the oil level, refueling can only be performed under the condition of manual rotation, and it can also prevent air from entering the oil circuit; the viscosity of the steering gear oil is 17cst~33cst (low condensation hydraulic oil is recommended). In addition, the steering gear allows the normal working oil temperature of 20°C to 80°C, and the limit working oil temperature range is -30°C to 100°C. If the oil temperature is abnormal, the steering performance will be degraded. After the steering system is assembled, it is best not to put it into use directly. It should be tested. The specific test steps are as follows: clean the oil tank before operation, inject hydraulic oil to the highest oil level, loosen the cylinder threaded joint, and let the pump run at low speed , until there is no oil; remove the connecting rod, turn the steering wheel, make the piston reach the left or right position, and then fill the oil tank to the specified level; tighten all threaded joints, connect the piston rod, and check whether the steering system is working properly.


Finally, everyone needs to pay attention to ensure that the oil is clean, otherwise it may cause steering failure due to dirt. Check the condition of the filter element and oil from time to time, and replace it in time if it is not suitable for continued use. If the steering fails, you must first carefully check the cause (if you can't find the cause, you can contact Hanjiu Technology at any time, and there will be a special person to answer the question for you), you cannot force the steering wheel or remove the steering gear to avoid damage to parts, two people are prohibited Turn the steering wheel at the same time.


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