Orbital steering valve


The orbital steering valve is the most important part of the steering system. Its function is to increase the force transmitted from the steering wheel to the steering transmission mechanism and to change the direction of force transmission. The orbital steering valve is a cycloidal rotary valve type full hydraulic steering gear composed of a follow-up rotary valve and a cycloidal rotary stator pair. It is a full hydraulic steering system composed of oil supply pump, relief valve (or diverter valve), steering cylinder and other connecting accessories, which is widely used in agricultural machinery, shipping machinery, garden machinery, road maintenance machinery, forestry machinery, construction machinery and Mining machinery and other low-speed heavy-duty vehicles. Through it, the driver can achieve a large steering force control with a small operating force, and the performance is safe and reliable, and the operation is light and flexible. The steering valve controls the pressure of the left and right clutches, and the brake valve controls the pressure of the left and right booster brakes. The brake valve works only after the steering valve controls the left and right clutches to open, and the response is sensitive. The two are combined in an orderly manner to complete the steering action of the control engineering machinery, which is safe and reliable. Orbital steering valve is often used in hydraulic power steering of construction machinery. There is a small motor inside and an external double-action oil cylinder. With the help of the pilot working pressure, when the steering wheel is turned, the pilot pressure P is switched into the small motor through the movement of the raft core, reducing manual pulling The strength of the steering wheel is changed, the steering operation is terminated, the valve core returns to the neutral position, and the power of the booster motor is cut off. Orbital steering valves are often used in hydraulic power steering of tractors and other mechanical engineering. The working conditions of the orbital steering valve can be divided into the following three types:


1. In the middle position (when the steering wheel is not turned). The oil from the oil pump is returned to the oil tank through the interior of the steering gear.

2. During power steering, the oil from the oil pump enters the cycloidal pinwheel meshing pair (metering motor) through the follow-up valve, and pushes the rotor to follow the steering wheel to rotate. Depending on the size, orientation, and quantity of the steering angle of the steering wheel, the hydraulic oil is pressed into the cylinder. Left cavity or right cavity, push the guide wheel to realize power steering. The oil on the other side of the cylinder returns to the tank through the follower valve.

3. Manpower steering, when the engine is turned off, the steering wheel is operated by manpower, and the rotor of the metering motor is driven to rotate through the valve core, dial pin and linkage shaft in the steering gear, and the metering motor presses the hydraulic oil into the cylinder to push the guide wheel to realize manual steering .


The volume difference between the two chambers of the oil cylinder can be replenished from the oil tank through the oil return port. Since the steering gear is used for heavy-duty and low-speed vehicles, in order to prevent the steering wheel from thumping, the structure is designed as an open-ended non-reaction structure, and the external force acting on the guide wheel cannot be transmitted to the steering wheel, and the driver has no road feeling.


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