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Danfoss is a leader in the manufacture of hydraulic products, and I am sure you will hear this name often. Danfoss has a business all over the world and is welcomed by many people, firstly because of the strong Danfoss brand, and secondly because of the high quality of Danfoss products. orbitrol danfoss is a high-quality product, let's take a look at its advantages!


1. Maximum security

Danfoss' valve priority puts steering first for maximum safety on the road and at work. Danfoss priority valves will always give priority to your steering system. This makes it an important safety feature for load sensing hydraulic systems. Danfoss steering valves have only one pump to supply oil to the steering system and working hydraulics.


2. Low pressure drop for high fuel efficiency, low noise and stable operation


3. There are static and dynamic versions


4. Dynamic flow provides fast reaction time without hard spots when steering is initiated. This will greatly improve your user's sense of use. Many customers buy Danfoss orbital steering valves for a good sense of use.


5. Optional pilot pressure reducing valve for OLS 160 and OLS 320


Danforth's product is very outstanding, but also his shortcomings can not be ignored. Yes, orbitrol danfoss will be much more expensive than normal products, and if the parts of the product are damaged, repairs will be a hassle. This is something Danforth has to do to maintain its brand image as a mega-corporation.


If you are not satisfied with this and want to buy products from other companies, my recommendation is Hanjiu, for the following reasons:

1. Hanjiu's products are cheaper and more cost-effective. Hanjiu adheres to the business philosophy of small profits but quick turnover, and has always insisted on giving the greatest profits to dealers and customers. This is because Hanjiu never makes one-time sales. They are confident enough in their products that customers will continue to repurchase and promote them to friends around them. Hanjiu's customers are old customers who have cooperated many times.

2. Hanjiu's products are of better quality. All products of Hanjiu will go through strict inspection before leaving the factory to ensure that all products are of good quality and have the same quality. Moreover, because of a professional R&D team, Hanjiu continuously optimizes the performance of its products, so as to ensure that the quality of its products is higher than 90% of similar products on the market. The products produced by Hanjiu can replace Danfoss products 100%! All the performances of orbitrol danfoss are also possessed by Hanjiu products. In addition, it has the advantages of accurate action, high degree of automation, stable and reliable work.

3. Good service. Hanjiu attaches great importance to customer experience and is committed to providing customers with the most meticulous and thoughtful service.


Hanjiu has been specializing in the production of hydraulic products for more than ten years. If you are interested in related products, please visit their official website www.hjhydraulic.com.



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