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Hanjiu Technology is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic products, the product range includes walking, steering, power transmission and lifting systems. The product models produced are from large to small, engine (displacement from 50 ml/to 1000 ml/rev), steering device (displacement from 80 ml/to 1000 ml/rev) and cylinder (bore diameter to 1200 mm, length up to 10,000 mm, pressure up to 40 MPa) fully suitable for light, medium and heavy vehicles.


Due to the advanced technology, the motor and steering device of Hanjiu Technology are more compact in structure, smaller in size, low in noise, and perform well under high-voltage working conditions with high quality. From design, processing, production, assembly, testing to after-sales service, Hanjiu Technology Jiu Technology has a complete quality system to ensure that each of its products is of high quality. These factors make their customers spread all over the world and are widely recognized. At present, Hanjiu Technology has become a new star in the international professional hydraulic product supplier. The reason why they play an important role in many hydraulic component manufacturers is closely related to the quality of their products. Hanjiu's products currently have no comparable homogeneous products in the market. They break the homogeneity and are committed to developing more innovative, competitive and well-known products. Therefore, if you want to buy related products of orbitrol dirección para tractores, you can choose the products manufactured by Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. with confidence and boldness.


Below we will popularize some small knowledge about tractor maintenance. Correct operation and post-maintenance can prolong its service life. When turning the tractor, the direction should not be killed (especially when the throttle is operated at a high speed). Killing the direction will cause the constant current pump to lack oil and heat, the valve core will be stuck, and in severe cases, it will cause shaft breakage and cracking. The steering system does a lot of damage. When the vehicle is empty and without load, it is not allowed to operate the multi-way valve quickly when the accelerator is increased, which will cause an instantaneous increase in back pressure, which will cause a larger sweep volume to the constant-current pump, which will affect the service life of the constant-current pump. The constant flow pump is broken and cracked.


In addition, Hanjiu Technology does not recommend that you adjust the safety valve privately. When the opening pressure of the valve is too large, the pressure of the pump will reach the limit, resulting in damage to the gear pump and affecting the normal use of the overall hydraulic system!


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