Orbitrol directional valve


The direction control valve, that is, the reversing valve, plays the role of preventing and guiding the oil from entering and leaving the channel according to the prescribed flow direction in the hydraulic system, that is, controlling the direction of the oil flow in the oil circuit. There are two important concepts in the reversing valve, namely, position and pass. Position refers to the number of working positions of the reversing valve core; pass refers to the number of oil inlet and outlet outlets, so how to identify how many positions the hydraulic valve is?


The more common hydraulic reversing valves are two (left, right) and three (left, right, middle). The flow direction of oil is different in each working position. In fact, it means that the reversing valve is connected to several oil pipes, and the common ones are two-way, three-way, four-way and five-way. A few squares represent a few valves, and a few oil outlets represent a few valves. Together, they are called a few valves. Such as two-way valves and three four-way valves.


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