High torque hydraulic motor


Hydraulic motors are divided according to their rated speed, which are divided into two categories: high speed and low speed. Those with a rated speed higher than 500r/min are high-speed hydraulic motors, and those with a rated speed below 500r/min are low-speed hydraulic motors.


Among them, the low-speed hydraulic motor can be directly connected to the working mechanism due to its large displacement, large volume and low speed (sometimes up to a few revolutions per minute or even a few revolutions per minute). There is no need for a deceleration device, which greatly simplifies the transmission mechanism. Usually, the output torque of the low-speed Therefore, it is also known as a low-speed large torque hydraulic motor.


The main characteristics of low-speed large torque hydraulic motor are large torque and good low-speed stability (generally it can run smoothly below 10r/min, and some can be as low as 0.5r/min), so it can be directly connected to the working mechanism (such as directly driving the wheel or winch shaft) without the need for a deceleration device. The transmission structure is greatly simplified. Low-speed large torque hydraulic motors are widely used in engineering, transportation, construction and ships (such as walking machinery, hoist, mixers) and other machinery.


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Just like Hanjiu Technology's Oms500 Low Speed High Torque Hydraulic Motor Cycloid Hydraulic Motor is a BMS rail hydraulic motor with a disc valve, and the BM hydraulic motor is A high-torque Iowa speed hydraulic motor with high efficiency and long service life. BM motor has a wide speed range, high starting torque, stable high-speed rotation, small and light, can be directly connected to the working machine, and can adapt to various Iowa speed heavy-duty facilities. BM hydraulic motor is widely used in agricultural machinery, fishery machinery, plastics industry, mining and construction machinery.


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