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After years of technological innovation, the hydraulic system has an increasingly wide range of applications and obvious advantages: small size and light weight; high stiffness, high precision, and fast response; large driving force, suitable for heavy-duty direct drive; wide speed regulation range, Various speed control methods; self-lubricating, self-cooling and long life; easy to achieve safety protection. In modern times, manufacturers of professional hydraulic products have also sprung up many excellent brands, such as Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd., which is currently the leader in China's hydraulic components market. It is not only competitive in the domestic market, but also attracts a large number of overseas users. trust. How did Hanjiu Technology achieve it in just ten years since its establishment? High-quality products, the most friendly service, the best price, and innovative products are all the magic weapons for them to win. If you also want to verify my praise, you might as well become a customer of Hanjiu and experience it yourself. !


The steering gear can be said to be the core part of the hydraulic steering system. There are many steering devices on the market, but the steering device of Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. is definitely the most valuable product. Today, the editor will recommend orbitrol ospc for everyone. The orbitrol ospc series is a hydraulic steering device, that is, the 101s series produced by Hanjiu. This whole series of products has many advantages, such as compact structure and convenient operation. Generally speaking, their characteristics are as follows:

1. Integrate all valve functions in one housing, including integrated valves (safety valve, shock valve, check valve, suction valve)

2. Can replace Danfooss (OSPC), M+S (HKUS/4) series;

3. Hydraulic steering gear is widely used in steering control system, which helps to turn easily;

4. The products we produce match the OEM numbers of all machines;

5. Suitable for almost all types of John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Fiat, MTZ, New Holland, CASE tractors;

6. Compared with some expensive international brands, buying Hanjiu's orbitrol ospc can save more than 1/2 of the cost;

7. Stable product quality and short delivery time;

8. There is no comparable homogeneous product in the market, and the level from raw materials to technology to finished products is high.

In addition, orbitrol ospc has a very wide range of applications, widely used in hydraulic rudders of ships, steering of low-speed vehicles, such as tractors, trucks, loaders, motor graders, transporters, road rollers, forklifts, combine harvesters, engineering or road construction machinery, etc. .


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