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There are many types of hydraulic motors. gerotor hydraulic motors are small, low-speed and high-torque hydraulic motors with shaft distribution inserts and stator-rotor pairs. They have the advantages of small size, light weight and small rotational inertia. Therefore, they are widely used in agriculture, fishery, and light industry. And the construction industry and other fields, the scope of application is very wide.  gerotor hydraulic motors have excellent performance and long service life, but there are still many customers who complain about their poor use experience. Why? After analyzing many problems, we found that the problem of incorrect use of  gerotor hydraulic motors in actual use is very common. These wrong operations lead to poor performance or damage to the motor. Today, I will share with you some points to note in the use of the gerotor hydraulic motor, I hope it can be helpful to you.


(1) The intermittent working pressure of the motor refers to the maximum allowable working pressure of the oil inlet of the motor, and the continuous working pressure refers to the pressure difference between the oil inlet and the oil return port.


(2) It is not allowed to use the motor at the maximum speed and maximum pressure at the same time.


(3) Under intermittent working conditions, the running time of the motor per minute shall not exceed 10%.


(4) The maximum oil temperature is 80℃.


(5) The shaft seal components used in the cycloid motor can generally withstand higher working pressure, but in order to obtain good life and comprehensive mechanical performance, it is recommended to use a back pressure of not more than 5MPa. When connecting the oil drain pipe, make sure that the motor is always full of oil. In addition to maintaining a low back pressure, the external drain pipe can also take away the wear and tear pollutants generated inside the motor, and can produce a certain cooling effect.


(6) There should be a running-in period before the motor works at full load. It is recommended to run-in for 1 hour below 30% of the maximum working pressure.


(7) The mounting and fixing support of the cycloid hydraulic motor must have sufficient rigidity. When the system has a pressure shock, the motor is not allowed to vibrate, which is easy to damage the motor.


(7) The output shaft of the motor should be coaxial with the center line of the connected coupling.


No matter how good the product is, it can only exert its maximum function if it is used correctly. Blind use may not only damage the service life of the cycloid hydraulic motor, but may even threaten your life and health. Therefore, before using it, you'd better have a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the cycloid hydraulic motor to avoid low-level errors during use. If you don't know about it, you can come to Hanjiu to take a look.


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