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John Deere is a Fortune 500 company founded in 1837 and headquartered in Moline, Illinois, USA. It is the world's leading manufacturer of construction machinery, agricultural machinery and lawn machinery and equipment. With more than 180 years of industry experience and terabytes of accurate data, John Deere can accurately grasp user needs and product performance to better serve customers. Whether it's rework or trade-in, John Deere provides world-class service support throughout the life of the equipment, always keeping productivity and sustainability in mind, and John Deere never stops innovating.


orbitrol para tractor is a product of John Deere Company, SCU 101S-1, 2, 4 series inherit the steering function principle of 101 series in structure and power. The 101s series features the integration of the following valve functions into a single housing, which is more compact and easier to operate. The orbitrol para tractor adopts a closed-center pressure and flow compensation hydraulic system. The unique hydraulic system not only makes the John Deere tractor more precise and quicker in response, but also reduces fuel consumption, reduces noise, and brings greater higher lift force and more precise implement adjustment. Not only that, but also two sets of hydraulic output valves are standard. These two sets of output valves can be equipped with hydrostatic power steering and braking according to the needs of the work, so that the control of the entire John Deere tractor is lighter and the braking effect is better. . Due to the existence of the dry hydraulic oil filter, its high-efficiency filtering strength can keep the hydraulic system clean, improve the working efficiency of the John Deere tractor, and reduce the maintenance cost of the tractor. The position of the oil dipstick of the tractor is reasonable, which is convenient for the farmer to observe the change of the oil level, which avoids the lack of oil during work and reduces the work efficiency.


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