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Readers who have contacted agricultural tractors, garden tractors, dump trucks, forklifts, combine harvesters, fishing vehicles, sweepers, water tanks, trailers, cranes, truck cranes, excavators, loaders, bulldozers, machine tools and other products are aware of vehicles The power of action is mainly dependent on its own power system, but most people should not know much about the internal components of the hydraulic power system. Therefore, what Hanjiu Technology wants to show you today is the characteristics of some main components in the hydraulic walking system of the tractor.


1. Hydraulic pump

The closed pump is usually an axial piston pump. If a series pump is required, pay attention to the allowable transmission power. Plunger pumps used in mobile machinery are divided into light series (16-20Mpa), medium series (25-35Mpa) and heavy series (40-56Mpa) according to power.


2. Hydraulic motor

The rotating speed of the driving wheel of the walking machinery is low (generally tens of revolutions to several hundred revolutions per minute), so a low-speed motor solution can be considered for driving walking (generally considered to be less than 500r/min as a low-speed motor, generally a radial piston motor, The output torque is as high as several thousand to tens of thousands of Nm, and the low-speed stability is good. Generally, it can run at 10r/min, and some can even reach 0.5r/min. The starting torque is large and the overall size is large. It is generally considered that a high-speed motor is more than 500r/min, usually an axial piston motor, the output torque is generally tens to hundreds of Nm, and the moment of inertia is small, which is convenient for starting, braking and speed regulation).


The low-speed motor directly drives the wheel, which is called the wheel motor. Its advantages are that it occupies a small space, saves the power loss and noise generated by the reducer, reduces the moment of inertia, and reduces the impact load. Of course, the low-speed motor directly drives the wheels also has disadvantages, mainly because it needs to be able to directly output the torque required by the load; bear the radial and axial loads transmitted by the drive wheel to the motor; it is not convenient to integrate additional functions such as braking.


The high-speed motor can solve the above-mentioned shortcomings of the low-speed motor through the intermediate link, including the integration of the core and the planetary reducer into a housing to make a wheel motor similar to the low-speed motor. The piston motors of large and medium power are usually radial low-speed piston motors (tens to hundreds of kilowatts), axial high-speed piston motors, and the characteristics of the two have been mentioned above.


Low-power walking motors can also be considered to use cycloid motors (power about 10 kilowatts). This kind of motor is characterized by low price, low working pressure, less than about 100 bar, torque of tens to hundreds of Nm, and rotational speed of hundreds to thousands. Rotation per minute, so the efficiency is low, the mechanical efficiency is about 80%-85%, and it cannot be changed.


Small and medium-power walking motors are also useful for high-speed gear motors and vane motors (with a power of tens of kilowatts), which are characterized by medium and low pressure working pressure, less than about 200bar, speed of about 1000-2000r/min, and volumetric efficiency of about 90%, so the starting efficiency Difference. For some occasions with particularly low speed requirements, such as paver, trencher, etc., when choosing a low-speed motor, we recommend using a 1-stage reducer as much as possible, so that the motor can work in the high-efficiency area.


Well, the above is about some important components in the hydraulic walking system and their characteristics. If there is a need in this regard, you can come to Hanjiu Technology to buy suitable hydraulic products according to the characteristics mentioned in the article. Hanjiu Technology can provide all hydraulic products and models you can think of. In addition, there are also some innovative products that you may not expect. The most important thing is that the prices of Hanjiu brand products are generally lower than those of other peers. , you are welcome to visit the official website www.hjhydraulic.com at any time to find out!


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