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p40 control valves is a high-quality valve developed on the basis of European technology, it is small in size, light in structure, light in weight, easy to operate, safe and reliable. Many customers prefer this product when purchasing. So, what should be paid attention to when purchasing p40 control valves?


1. The actual flow of the valve

The actual flow of the hydraulic valve is related to the series and parallel of the oil circuit: the flow of the series oil circuit is equal; the flow of the parallel oil circuit working at the same time is equal to the sum of the flow of each oil circuit. In addition, for the system using a single piston rod hydraulic cylinder , Pay attention to the difference in the oil return flow rate when the piston is extended and retracted: the ratio of the oil return flow of the rod cavity when the piston is retracted and the oil flow rate of the rod cavity when the piston is extended is equal to the ratio of the area of the two chambers.


2. The rated pressure and rated flow of the valve

The rated pressure and rated flow of each control valve should generally be close to its operating pressure and flow. For systems with high reliability requirements, the rated pressure of the valve should be much higher than its operating pressure. If the rated pressure and rated flow are less than the operating pressure and flow, it is easy to cause clamping and hydraulic power and adversely affect the working quality of the valve; for the sequence valve and pressure reducing valve in the system, the passing flow should not be much less than the rated flow, otherwise it is easy to produce vibration or other instability Phenomenon. For the flow valve, attention should be paid to its minimum stable flow.


3. Installation and connection method of hydraulic valve

Since the installation and connection method of the valve has a decisive influence on the structural type of the hydraulic device to be designed later, when selecting a hydraulic valve, we should be aware of the integration method of the hydraulic control device. On the road board or oil circuit block, on the one hand, it is convenient for system integration and rationalization of hydraulic device design. The series type spectrum of the valve is selected, and so on.


4. A production company with a good reputation

Valves play an important role in industrial production, and are even called the "throat" of production. Products produced by companies with a good reputation tend to be of better quality and better after-sales service. Don't underestimate these factors, you know how important it is when your valve is in use. In the field of valve production, the company I recommend is Hanjiu. Hanjiu has been specializing in valve production for more than ten years. The quality of the p40 control valves they produce is very good and the price is not high, so they have gained a large number of loyal users. These people are full of praise for Hanjiu's products. In addition to p40 control valves, Hanjiu also produces various types of valves and hydraulic products. If you are interested, you can visit Hanjiu's official website: www.hjhydraulic.com



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