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When you buy a valve, will you be curious about how they conduct an inspection? Today, the editor will introduce some control valve troubleshooting methods that the technicians of Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. will use. As an indispensable control valve in the control system, it occupies the core position in the control system and is also the most expensive component in the control system. Once the control valve fails, it is likely to cause the device to shut down, which will affect the production activities and increase the production cost. Therefore, Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. is very careful and cautious for troubleshooting inspections of sold products that come out. From what perspectives do they inspect it?


Valve selection. The most likely problem in this process is that the size of the model is too large. This is caused by an excessively high safety margin. The fundamental reason is that the pressure loss of the pipeline is overestimated and the wrong pump is selected to cause overpressure. Taking the pressure drop as an example, the pressure drop is required to be 25psi, but it is overestimated in the selection, and the actual pressure drop is a standard valve of 75-100psi. There is a misunderstanding here. Under the pressure of 2500psi, it is generally considered that the error of 75-100psi is a small error. If we compare this excess pressure to the original pressure drop, the actual error can be up to 300%!


location and placement. For the location and placement of controls, system designers need to pay attention to both fluid dynamics and physical space channel considerations. In terms of fluid dynamics, attention needs to be paid to the effect of elbows, isolation valves and other pipe fittings in the pipeline on the dynamics of the fluid, and these disturbances can adversely affect the performance and capacity of the control valve. In terms of physical space channel factors, from the installation point of view, the initial setting and debugging of the control valve are very important links, which must be paid great attention. The operation of these two links is important for the lack of sufficient safe channels for the valve and its accessories. safeguarding effect. In addition, because the control valve needs to deal with a large pressure drop, it is easy to have problems with wear and tear of internal components, so when considering the control position, it is necessary to have appropriate maintenance access and space.


Select the actuator. Correct selection of actuators is primarily about avoiding data errors and oversizing. First, the model of the actuator should accurately match the thrust requirements of the valve, and should not generate too much thrust, otherwise it will damage the response capability and resolution of the valve. The second is that the actuators are the same size as the manufacturer's, so they have enough thrust to overcome the hydraulic and mechanical resistance within the valve, and enough residual thrust to provide enough contact load to provide the required seat sealing force to achieve the specified leakage level. The third is to do a scientific evaluation of the hydraulic blowing force on the valve stem, the unbalanced force on the valve core and the mechanical friction force of the packing when considering the force in the valve. The fourth is to carefully consider the use of live load packing, which is a link that is prone to failure and problems. A common cause of control valve problems is that the good packing has too much friction, causing the valve to run slowly or not respond at all. Fourth, it is necessary to pay attention to the valve action speed. Generally speaking, the valve action speed in the selection stage does not apply to the actual process, and the specific operation must be reduced or adjusted on site. Especially for pneumatic actuators, in order to achieve the required valve action speed requirements, special accessories are generally required.


This is only a part of the methods they use. For more methods, please pay attention to the content of the articles in subsequent updates. Finally, I have to introduce some readers who are unfamiliar with Hanjiu Technology. Become a customer of their company, you will not be disappointed. Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. has built their professional supply chain in just over ten years, from pre-sales and after-sales services, to the cost performance of products, and then to the quality of products, all of which are among the best in the world! Interested, please visit www.hjhydraulic.com to learn more.


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