P81 Log Splitter Valve


P81 type splitting machine valve is through the lever cation make valve core

do axial movement and the oil circuit to switch straight acting reversing valve.

The splitting machine valve owns overload protection.compact structure,flexible control,easy to use and reliable,dedicated to splitting machine oil circuit control.Can make the splitting machine fast and stable work.



P81 Specifications

Nominal flow rate   95 L/min 25 US GPM
Operating pressure (max)   250 bar 3626 psi
operating range   15~75 mm2/s 15~75 cst
Viscosity min 12 mm²/s 12 cst
max 400 mm²/s 400 cst
Ambient temperature range   -40°~80℃ -40°~176°F
Kick out set pressure   70-140bar 1015-2030 psi




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