Parker Hydraulic Orbital Motor


Hydraulic orbital motor is not as familiar as a gear motor or a plunger motor, hydraulic orbital motor is a vulgar high-torque motor, with high sealing, good lateral load carrying capacity and low-speed smooth working performance. It may seem special, but in fact the cycloidal motor is a type of hydraulic motor with a particularly wide range of applications. It is commonly used in industrial sweepers, garbage trucks, tractors, agricultural and agricultural machinery, combine harvesters, lawn mowers, construction machinery, conveyors, cement mixers, etc.


So let's first look at the low-speed and high-torque characteristics of the hydrolic orbital motor.


hydraulic orbital motor is a low-speed motor, the speed range is 10-500 rpm , higher than 500 rpm motor belongs to the high-speed motor, cycloidal motor due to the special stator rotor design makes the hydrolic orbital motor displacement do particularly large, here is particularly large is relative to the gear motor or plunger motor, the gear motor displacement to do about 200ml / r belongs to the very large, The minimum displacement of the hydrolic orbital motor is now 8ml/r in China, and there is no smaller one, and this 8ml/r cycloidal motor bears the maximum pressure to 9MPa, which is relatively small. Due to the large displacement, a certain amount of hydraulic oil acts on the motor, and the output speed is small.


Hydraulic orbital motor is also a kind of high torque motor, due to the large displacement, the same large pressure acts on the hydrolic orbital motor, the output torque is naturally large, but relative to the plunger motor, hydraulic orbital motor belongs to the low and medium pressure motor, the maximum pressure is about 25MPa, generally speaking, the rated pressure is 20MPa, which is not small. But some of the plunger motors can reach 40MPa, which is much larger than the hydrolic orbital motor motors.


Due to the characteristics of this low speed and high torque of the hydrolic orbital motor, the hydroaulic orbital motor can maintain a low speed and output a large torque, which can be directly connected to the mechanical equipment without the need for an acceleration and deceleration mechanism. But this is not to say that the cycloidal motor can not be added and reduced, in some special occasions the hydrolic orbital motor and the reducer can output lower speeds and greater torque.


I believe that if you are engaged in related industries, you must buy this motor, so what brand of motor do we buy better? I'll compare the two brands to give you a comparison, and you can see which one is more suitable for you. Parker and Hanjiu are respectively.


The characteristics of the parker hydraulic orbital motor are the same as the motor characteristics that we usually see on the market, the main competitiveness is that it can be interchanged with other hydraulic motors of the Gerotor and Geroller types, such as Danfoss OMPX, Danfoss OMPX, Danfoss OMPX, Danfoss OMF Hydraulic Motors, etc. The quality of parker hydraulic orbital motors is really good. Next we talk about Hanjiu company's rail hydraulic motor, Hanjiu company's motor quality big winner for all to see, and the most professional company production of product quality is comparable, the production speed is also very fast, the most important point is that it in addition to having other brands of quality advantages, but also has a service advantage, Hanjiu company's after-sales service is among the best, will definitely not let you down, no matter what problems they can patiently solve for you.


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