Is parker orbital hydraulic motor worth buying?


In the last article, we learned about the characteristics of the white hydraulic orbital motor. Today, let us discuss this question: Is the Parker orbital motor worth buying? , if you're interested, then keep reading.


The parker orbital hydraulic motor is a high quality motor product with high strength and durability, compact size and flexibility allowing orbital motors to use high torque values. In general, its features are as follows:

1. Adopt two-color design, with higher distribution accuracy

2. With shaft seal, it can withstand higher back pressure.

3. Various connection forms of flanges, output shafts and oil ports.

4. The rotation direction and speed of the shaft can be controlled easily and smoothly.

5. Small size; compact structure. This feature makes this product easier to install than large motors and has a wider range of applications.


In addition, American Parker has been very successful in hydraulic products, and has accumulated a lot of production experience and customer trust. Many customers are more willing to buy products from more famous companies when purchasing products. There is no doubt that Parker is in the They are very successful in this regard, their products are sold all over the world, and they have achieved good results.


It seems that the parker orbital hydraulic motor seems impeccable, is this product really flawless? The answer is no, the price of the parker orbital hydraulic motor is the same as that of the Danfoss orbital hydraulic motor. They are very expensive, and the later maintenance of the product and the replacement of parts are very troublesome, and due to the huge order volume, it will require more Long delivery time. This is an inevitable problem in a large company.


So, is parker orbital hydraulic motorjiu worth buying? The editor thinks that the product is certainly worth buying, but you can choose a company with lower price, better service and faster delivery, such as Hanjiu Technology. The production technology of hydraulic cycloid motors on the market is very mature, and the products that can be exported have undergone strict quality inspection, so you don’t have to worry about the poor quality of other companies’ products. In fact, the production of hydraulic cycloid motors is In terms of manufacturing, Hanjiu Technology has more than ten years of experience. The hydraulic cycloid motors produced by them can completely replace the hydraulic motors manufactured by big companies such as Parker and Danfoss. You can rest assured of the quality. In addition, Hanjiu Technology always adheres to the concept of giving as much profit as possible to distributors, so the products they provide have super high cost performance. Two products of the same quality, why not buy the one with the lower price? What's more, the service of Hanjiu Technology is absolutely thoughtful and considerate.


If you want to buy the same type of motor, choose Hanjiu Technology. Hanjiu Technology has a professional R&D and production team with a good reputation and rich production experience. And Hanjiu Technology always adheres to the service concept of customer first, so as to ensure the rights and interests of every customer. At Hanjiu, you can buy the best quality products in the same category at a high cost performance. Hanjiu Technology is looking forward to cooperating with you.


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