Possible reasons for instability of omp 200 hydraulic motor at low speed


As a professional manufacturer of hydraulic products, Hanjiu Technology produces a large number of high-quality products every year. These products are exported to all over the world and are well received by new and old customers. But there are still some customers who have encountered some problems when using the motors produced by Hanjiu. Does this mean that Hanjiu's products are substandard? the answer is negative. Every hydraulic motor produced by Hanjiu Technology will go through extremely strict quality inspection before leaving the factory, you can rest assured. Regarding these problems you may encounter, the editor will discuss with you carefully, solve your doubts through discussion, and help you solve practical problems. The topic we are going to discuss today is: Why do some people have symptoms of instability at low speed when using an omp 200 hydraulic mot? How should we avoid and solve this problem.

omp 200 hydraulic motor is one of many hydraulic motors produced by Hanjiu Technology. This product adopts electric drive mode and has a compact design, which can perfectly replace many well-known big-name motors, such as Danfoss Omp36/50/80/100/125. /160/200/250/315/400 hydraulic motor, which also shows that the performance of omp 200 hydraulic mot is very good in all aspects. So why is there a problem of unstable low-speed operation during the use of such an excellent product?

To explain this problem, we must first understand what is the unstable operation of the motor at low speed, or what is the performance of the unstable operation of the vulgar. Unstable operation of the motor at low speed means that the engine runs fast and slow at low speed, but the regularity is not strong and there is chattering. The machine is easy to stall during emergency deceleration and load, and the reasons for the instability may be as follows. .

(1)Wear of flying blocks. Due to poor lubrication of the governor or due to long-term use, the two small rollers that are in contact with the fly block and the governor sleeve will be severely worn. At low speed, the fly block has the smallest opening, and the governor sleeve is excessively protruded due to the wear of the small rollers. The inside of the fly block collides with the fly block body directly and irregularly, resulting in unstable idle speed. At this time, when you lightly touch the refueling control arm with your hand, there will be a slight impact.

(2) The idle speed stabilization spring is improperly adjusted or has poor performance. When running at low speed, due to the small centrifugal force of the flying block, the control force of the idle speed is also small. Once the engine decelerates suddenly, the adjustment of the fuel supply rack moves too fast, which may exceed the idle speed position and cause the engine to stall. The position behind the cover facing the fuel supply gear rod is equipped with an idle speed stabilization spring that can quickly push the fuel supply gear rod back to the idle position. Unstable operation. When the valve inlet pump engine is running, the increase of load will reduce the speed. If the idle speed stabilization spring or the starting spring becomes soft, the oil supply rack cannot move quickly in the direction of oil increase, so that the speed is increased. Causes the engine to stall by itself.

(3) The oil supply of the low-pressure oil circuit is not smooth or contains water or air, which will make the oil supply increase and decrease, especially in the low-speed area, which will lead to the instability of the engine speed.

So when this happens, how should we deal with it?

The motor runs unstable at low speed. We can eliminate it by applying back pressure. It should be noted that the applied back pressure value should not be less than 0.2Mpa. The omp 200 hydraulic moto motor cannot be run in pump condition nor can it be used as a pump. The installation surface should be flat. When installing, it should be determined whether the dimensions of the connecting flange, stopper, and output connecting shaft are accurate. Make sure that the device connecting the output shaft to the transmission has good concentricity. When installing the output shaft, prevent the axial thrust of the output shaft and the interlock. (The cycloid motor BMR bears a small radial force.) During the installation process, protect the smoothness and parallelism of the connecting plate of the inlet and outlet, and prevent the oil seal from being deteriorated due to bumps, resulting in oil leakage.

If the above operations have not solved your problem, you need to consider whether the machine has been damaged during use, but don't worry. The hydraulic motors produced by Hanjiu Technology have a one-year warranty period. If you have any problems, you can ask us to solve them for you. Remember, the hydraulic motor is a high-precision instrument. Do not disassemble it for maintenance without permission, which will cause some trouble for our later maintenance.

If you want to know more about hydraulic motors, please visit the official website of Hanjiu Technology. Hanjiu Technology supplies a variety of products, and has gained a large number of loyal users in the international market with super high cost performance. Hanjiu Technology has specialized in manufacturing hydraulic products for more than ten years, and has rich experience in R&D, production and manufacturing. You can get the best service here and learn the most detailed product information at the same time. Welcome to visit https://www.hjhydraulic.com/

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