What may be the reason for the short service life of the omp 315 hydraulic motor


For most people, we don't know the structure and principle of the motor very clearly. After purchasing the omp 315 hydraulic motor, it was put into use directly, but it didn't take long for it to fail. inconsistent. So the question is, are the motor manufacturers deceiving us? Or is there something wrong with our method of use? Today, HANJIU will discuss this problem with you, hoping to answer some of your doubts.

First of all, if you choose omp 315 hydraulic motor, congratulations, you have made a correct choice, because the omp 315 hydraulic motor produced by Hanjiu Technology is a very mature product, compared with other products, omp 315 hydraulic motor Motor has many advantages, such as:

1. Compact design with spool valve motor and hob

2. Interchangeable with Danfoss, Eaton, M+S, etc. If you are tired of big brands, or want to get the same service experience as big brands at a lower price, choose this product for sure. The omp 315 hydraulic motor is arguably the best combination of efficiency and economy in medium-duty applications.

3. Widely used in lawn mowers, lifts, loaders, excavators and other machinery. It has a very wide range of applications, can be used in many fields and is very convenient to install.

4. Shaft diameter: 25MM. Thread: 1/2" BSP

5. Very competitive price. This product is very cost-effective, and choosing this product allows you to get the best quality service at the least price.

6. Imported high pressure capacity shaft seal design

8. The design and manufacture of the splines and drivers give the motor durability

9. Multiple mounting flanges, shafts, ports and speeds provide design flexibility

10. The rotation direction and speed of the shaft can be controlled easily and smoothly, so you don't have to worry about the operation, because everything is simple and efficient.

The HANJIU believes that you have deeply realized these advantages in the process of use and want to use the product for a longer time. Why does your product have a short lifespan? The HANJIU believes that this may be caused by your improper use. Any mechanical product must pay attention to many problems during use. Only precise and correct maintenance can prolong its service life. When using the omp 315 hydraulic motorz ​​you need to pay attention to the following issues:

1. The omp 315 hydraulic motorz system should be equipped with a corresponding oil filter to ensure the cleanliness of the system oil. At the same time, the hydraulic circuit must be equipped with a cooling system to prevent the oil temperature from being too high. Pressure gauges and thermometers must be installed in the oil inlet line. A pressure gauge should be installed in the hydraulic circuit of the hydraulic pump.

 2. System hydraulic oil requirements According to different ambient temperatures and uses, the oil used should have good viscosity-temperature performance, good defoaming, anti-oxidation, anti-rust, high flash point, etc. The viscosity of the motor is between (25-70)*10-6m2/s, and the water, alkali and mechanical impurities in the oil shall not exceed the allowable value. It is recommended to use YB-N46 and YB-N68 anti-wear hydraulic oil. The system filtration precision is better than 20μm. The normal working oil temperature is 25-55℃, and the short-term working oil temperature is not higher than 65℃

3. In addition, check whether the motor is damaged before installing the motor. If the product you receive is damaged in any way, don't worry or be annoyed. The motor produced by Hanjiu Technology has a shelf life of up to one year. You can contact us and let us To solve your worries.

4. If your motor has not been used for a long time, please drain and rinse the motor oil before use to prevent the internal moving parts from sticking.

If you want to know more about omp 315 hydraulic motor, please visit the official website of Hanjiu Technology    https://www.hjhydraulic.com/. Hanjiu Technology has always been committed to developing the most cost-effective hydraulic and other related products on the market. We welcome your visit and cooperation.

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