PV Type Priority Valves


PV**-40,60,80 type priority valve is matched with theload sensing steering unit. When the hydraulic oil flow to thepriority valve , and the load or revolution changed ,

PVF*-40,60,80 type priority valves is modulary design.matched with the 101S-5(L)(E) or 102(S)-5(L)(E)SCu; PVF*-40,60,80 priority valve has 2 kind signals: PVFS-40,60,80static signal,PVFD-40,60,80 dynamic signals.

PVL*-40,6o,8o type priority valve is pipe design ,matched with the 101(S)-5T(TE) or 102(S)-5T(TE) scu,PVL*-40,6o,80 type priority valve has 2 kind signals:PVLS-40,6o,80 static signal,PVLD-40,60,80 dynamic signals.Pv示*-40,6o,8o type priority valve is not inferchangedwith the Ls inlet pressure control relief valve, the relief valveintegrated in the Scu.



Function Code


Main Specification


Parameters Type PVFS(D) , PVLS(D)
Max. Input Flow (L/min) 40,60,80
Control Pressure (MPa) 0.45, 0.7, 1.05
Max. Pressure in Oil: P, EF (MPa) 20
Max. Pressure in Oil: LS, CF (MPa) 16



Mounting Data


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