roller stator hydraulic motor


This article introduces you to a low-priced, high-quality roller stator hydraulic motor, hoping that you can see just the need for such products. Because there are many models, I chose the BMT 800 with the largest specification to show you.


The roller stator hydraulic motor of the BMT series is mainly made of cast iron, which allows the hydraulic motor to be used longer in the working environment. The characteristic of this type of motor is that it can run smoothly in the entire speed range, do not worry that its speed will affect the working state, on the basis of smooth operation, it can output a constant working torque in a wide speed range. Their excellent quality allows them to maintain a long service life under extreme operating conditions, a robust and compact design and high radial and axial load carrying capacity for a wide range of hydraulic fluids and applications in open and closed loop hydraulic systems. BMT800 at peak pressure, the maximum torque can reach 1665 Newtons. meters, the maximum pressure drop is 16 MPa, the maximum inlet pressure is 30 MPa, but it weighs only 25 kg.


If you order 50~99 pieces of such products, the price given by Hanjiu Technology is 192 US dollars, if your order is large, and more than or equal to 100 pieces, you can discount 10 US dollars, compared to the high-quality roller stator hydraulic motor on the market, it is already a very low price. If you order a very large quantity, you can also send us an email and we will continue to give a discount according to the situation. In terms of warranty period is also very long, 12 months warranty, any product itself quality problems can seek our help, of course, the use of the motor we are also happy to answer for you.


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