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What are the requirements when selecting hydraulic rotating motors? The hydraulic rotary motor has high efficiency in the medium and high pressure area. While taking into account the working life and power utilization of the motor working pressure configuration, the hydraulic rotary motor has high efficiency at medium speed. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it in a low-displacement and low-speed environment, so that the efficiency of the motor will be reduced, the working capacity is very weak, and it can ensure efficient work only at large displacement.


Let me introduce you to M+S MLHRW Hydraulic Motor For Mini Excavator Tracor Spool Valve Roll Gerotor Motor, from Hanjiu Technologies. This rail motor is fully interchangeable with the original, converting hydraulic energy (pressure, oil flow) into mechanical energy (torque, speed). It is operated according to the principle of rotation of the internal gear (rotor) in a fixed external gear (stator), the internal gear transmits the torque generated by the pressure applied by the hydraulic oil, the hydraulic oil is fed into the motor, and then through the output shaft of the motor is transmitted configured with a spool valve: distributors, in order to reduce its overall volume, their valves and output shafts are integrated. The valves feature hydrodynamic bearings for unlimited life at high pressure load ratings, and on the other hand, rollers reduce local stress and tangential reaction forces on the rotor, minimizing friction and providing long service life and higher efficiency even under continuous high pressures.


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