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Are you interested in low cost high quality drum stator hydraulic motors? What I bring to you today is BMSY 80cc 1 3/8" X 6 spline standard agricultural roller stator hydraulic motor,


This roller stator hydraulic motor can work in a high temperature environment and is made of alloy steel. Although the cost of alloy steel is high, this material has good overall performance. It has high strength, high toughness, is not easy to deform and crack, and is very durable Mill, the finished motor is very high quality, the bmsy motor is equipped with an agricultural standard six-tooth spline shaft, the tapered roller bearing of the output shaft has high axial and radial load capacity, and the shaft has a center 1-1/2 on the shaft end mounting slots in inches. It can be interchanged with the following CHAR-LYNN 2000, Danfoss OMS/OMSS, WHITE RE/DH, Parker-Ross MB/TF motor series as a replacement. We have been focusing on the production of high-quality hydraulic motors for many years, and the technology has reached a mature stage. By introducing advanced talents and machines, the annual output exceeds 500,000 PCS. Other roller stator hydraulic motors produced by the company are mainly made of cast iron. Whether it is in the production process or in the production of the product, we have undergone strict control. The motor has a strong bearing capacity and a long service life. It can also run stably for a long time under extreme conditions. Because Hanjiu knows that strict requirements on ourselves are the greatest responsibility to customers. We attract customers with high-quality products and impress customers with sincere services. Our technicians need to undergo strict professional pre-job training from product production to customer service personnel communicating with you. At present, the roller stator hydraulic motor sold by Hanjiu Technology is well received by customers, and they are willing to establish a cooperative relationship with us. We will provide you with original replacement products of the corresponding brand according to your needs. After you purchase our products, if there is any fault or problem, you can contact our after-sales service.


We will continue to keep up with the needs of customers and innovate our products and services. If you want to know more about our products, or want to discuss with us about hydraulic motors, you can contact us through the official website or the link below the store, and we will welcome you.


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