roller stator hydraulic motor


Roller stator hydraulic motor is often used in construction, agricultural material handling and lifting, mining, lawn and lawn equipment special machine tools and stationary marine equipment. These application scenarios have a relatively high risk of damage to the machine. Whether it is a dealer or an individual, the demand is undoubtedly great. The motor products are relatively sophisticated equipment, so the accessories with better quality are very expensive. It is very necessary to find a low-priced and high-quality motor. Roller stator hydraulic motor of Hanjiu brand is such a product.


The Low Speed High Torque Hydraulic Motor BMT OMT 985cc Replace Heavy Equipment Parts made of cast iron as the main raw material has obvious features, it can keep running smoothly in the whole speed range, and can guarantee constant working torque in a wide speed range, even if It also has a long life under extreme working conditions, does not use the high return pressure of the drain line (high pressure shaft seal), the motor has high overall efficiency, high starting torque, a robust and compact design, high radial and The axial load capacity is suitable for both open and closed loops, and the application in hydraulic systems is suitable for various hydraulic fluids. Under continuous nights, intermittent pressure and peak pressure, its various data are also very good. For specific values, you can click on Hanjiu's official online store to check.


In addition, if you make some comparisons on major brands or shopping platforms, you will find that the average price of hydraulic motors of the same quality is generally higher than that of Hanjiu. If the order quantity reaches more than 100 pieces, there will be a second purchase The price reduction can be said to be very cost-effective.


In short, if your shop or your factory needs to purchase roller stator hydraulic motors in bulk, Hanjiu hydraulic motors must be a product worth considering. Of course, the sales and personalized production of any hydraulic accessories are also fully achievable in Hanjiu. Our factory specializes in designing and producing any type of motor and steering gear required by customers, from large to small, from low displacement to high Displacement, welcome to cooperate.


roller stator motor

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