Hydraulic Pump Motor


Hanjiu only produces high-quality Hydraulic Pump Motors, but more cautious customers will still consider why our prices are more favorable when purchasing, and whether the quality is not good enough. Under normal use, the life of the Hydraulic Pump Motor mainly depends on the life of its internal moving parts, such as bearings, shaft seals, gears, plungers, and sliding shoes. So if we want to check the quality of the motor we bought, we can also start from these places to check, but because the internal structure of the motor is relatively fine, and some parts cannot be exposed to dirty environments for a long time, in general, Han It is not recommended that you disassemble and check it by yourself for a long time. Let me share with you some general directions.


For the quality appraisal of hydraulic motors, you can first look at the performance of the equipment, such as output torque, power, speed, etc. Check whether the performance of the hydraulic motor meets the requirements of the specification, and test its output power and efficiency. Materials, processing technology, sealing, etc. are also channels to reflect the quality of a product. After getting it, you can check whether the various components of the hydraulic motor have passed strict quality inspection and testing to ensure its performance and reliability. In addition, the life and service life of the hydraulic motor can be evaluated, including its service life, failure rate and maintenance rate under various working conditions. As a high-voltage equipment, the safety performance of Hydraulic Pump Motor is also very important. It should be checked whether the safety protection measures of the hydraulic motor are appropriate, such as whether there are measures to prevent overload, overvoltage, overheating, etc., and whether there are electrical protection measures such as fuses and circuit breakers. Be sure to choose a regular manufacturer or supplier, and check their relevant qualifications and certifications. Before the hydraulic motor is put into use, it should be preheated and tested, and operated and used correctly according to the instruction manual. After the hydraulic motor is put into use, it is necessary to maintain and maintain the motor in a timely manner, and operate and use it in strict accordance with the requirements, so as to ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment.


Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. has done sufficient work in all aspects. Whether it is raw materials, specifications, processing, or production license product quality inspection, etc., it has formal certificates. Hanjiu will never reduce the level of production because of the price. If you are engaged in sales related to hydraulic systems or need to use hydraulic systems in large quantities, Hanjiu is looking forward to your cooperation.



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