Roller stator hydraulic motor diagram


Roller stator hydraulic motor is a working device that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, outputs mechanical energy outward with rotational motion, and obtains the speed and rotation distance on the output shaft.


Classification and characteristics of hydraulic motors


Classification: Hydraulic motors can be divided into two categories: high-speed and low-speed hydraulic motors.




1. The oil discharge port pressure of the hydraulic motor is slightly greater than the atmospheric pressure. The diameter of the inlet and outlet ports is the same.


2. Hydraulic motors often need to be positive and reversed, so they should have symmetry in the internal structure.


3. When determining the bearing form of the hydraulic motor, it should be ensured that it can work normally in a wide speed range.


4. The structure of the hydraulic pump must ensure that it has self-priming ability, and the hydraulic motor must ensure good sealing when starting.


5. Hydraulic motors generally need oil leakage ports.


6. In order to improve the starting and working performance of the hydraulic motor, small torque pulsation and small internal friction are required.


The main structural form of hydraulic motor


High-speed hydraulic motor


Motors with rated speeds higher than 500r/min are high-speed motors. The basic forms of high-speed motors are gear type, vane type and axial plunger type. Their main features are high speed, small moment of inertia, easy starting, braking, speed regulation and commutation.


Geared high-speed motor


The structure of gear motor and gear pump is basically the same, and the structural characteristics of gear motor are:


1. The oil inlet and return channels of the gear motor are arranged symmetrically, and the aperture is the same, so that the performance of the motor is the same when it is forward and reversed.


2. The gear motor adopts an oil leakage hole.


3. In order to adapt to the working requirements of forward and reverse rotation of gear motors, floating side plates, unloading grooves, etc. must be arranged symmetrically.


4. Gear motors mostly use rolling bearings, mainly to reduce friction loss and improve their starting performance.


5. In order to reduce torque ripple, the number of teeth of the gear motor is more than that of the gear pump.


Low-speed hydraulic motor


Hydraulic motors with a speed higher than 500r/min are low-speed hydraulic motors. Its basic form is radial plunger type.


The main characteristics of low-speed hydraulic motor are: large displacement, large volume, low speed, can be directly connected with the working mechanism, no need for deceleration device, so that the transmission mechanism is greatly simplified, the output torque of low-speed hydraulic motor is large, up to thousands to tens of thousands of Nm, so it is also called low-speed high-torque hydraulic motor.


Radial piston motor


Radial piston motors are low-speed, high-torque hydraulic motors. Low-speed hydraulic motors can be divided into single-acting and multi-acting according to their number of actions per revolution.


1. Single-acting connecting rod radial piston motor: its appearance is five-pointed star. The motor consists of a housing, crankshaft, distribution shaft, connecting rod, plunger, and eccentric wheel.


Advantages: simple structure, reliable work.


Disadvantages: large volume, large weight, torsion pulsation, poor stability at low speed.


2. Multi-acting internal curve piston motor: the motor is composed of distribution shaft, cylinder block, plunger, beam, roller, stator and output shaft. The displacement of this motor is doubled compared to single-stroke motors. Due to the increase in the number of equivalent plungers, the output torque increases correspondingly and the torque pulsation rate decreases at the same working pressure. Sometimes this motor is made into multiple rows of plungers, the number of plungers is more, the output torque is further increased, and the torque pulsation rate is further reduced, so this motor can be made with a large displacement and can run smoothly at very low speeds.


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