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Roller stator hydraulic motor's selection:


When choosing Roller Stator Hydraulic Motor, first according to the working characteristics of the hydraulic system to select the type, and then according to the required output torque and speed to choose the appropriate model and specifications, generally speaking, gear motor structure is simple, cheap, often used in high speed, low torque and motion stability requirements are not high. For example, drive grinders, fans, etc. The vane motor has small moment of inertia and sensitive action, but the volumetric efficiency is not high, the mechanical characteristics are soft, and it is suitable for occasions above medium speed, small torque, and frequent starting and commutation. For example, the drive of the grinding machine table, the machine control system, etc. Axial piston motor has high volumetric efficiency, large speed regulation range, and good low-speed stability, but the impact resistance is slightly poor, often used in high-pressure systems with higher requirements such as diesel locomotive main drive, lifting machinery, engineering machinery, mining machinery and ships, etc. lifting, slewing and other hydraulic systems must use low-speed and high-torque radial piston motor, then no need for a reduction box, can directly drive crane winches, mobile machinery wheels, etc.


Hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps of the same type are similar in structure and working principle, and are reversible from the perspective of energy conversion. However, due to the different uses and working conditions of hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps, their performance requirements are also different, and there are still many differences between the two.


The daily inspection of hydraulic motor mainly includes the inspection of operating conditions, working medium, running sound and motor temperature rise; The main content of the disassembly inspection is whether the parts are damaged, occluded, cracked and worn.


Precautions during the use of hydraulic motor:

1. The speed of the hydraulic motor should not be too low.

2. The oil drain port of the hydraulic motor should be connected back to the oil tank separately.

3. When the plunger motor is used for the first time, the housing should be filled with working medium.

4. In the closed hydraulic motor circuit, there should be necessary measures to ensure that the flow is matched reasonably.

5. The viscosity of the working medium should not be too high or too low when starting the hydraulic motor.

6. The hydraulic motor that keeps the brake state for a long time must use the brake.

7. The shaft end of the hydraulic motor should be avoided from bearing radial force.

8. The installation orientation of the hydraulic motor drain pipe should be upward.

9. The oil outlet of the inner curve hydraulic motor should have a back pressure of 0.5~1MPa.

10. The hydraulic motor with load start should be careful not to overload.


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