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When it comes to smallest hydraulic motor, we have to mention Hot Sale Small High Speed Orbit Hydraulic Motor Bmm (1950rpm), The motor is a complete replacement for Replace Danfoss Omm, M+S mm, and Eaton J Series. It is manufactured according to Hanjo Hydraulic's technical specifications and standards, and we have also adopted technical modifications to improve the performance of the product as required by the market. In view of the problems existing in the hydraulic oil motor in the past, the technical innovation has been carried out, so that some problems in the use process have been effectively solved.


Typical characteristics of the BMM: smooth operation throughout the speed range, constant operating torque over a wide speed range, high start torque, high return pressure without the use of discharge lines (high pressure seal), high efficiency, long life under extreme operating conditions, The following is a part of the product specifications (more detailed information please visit our store :16mm Cylindrical Shaft、Geometric displacement:40 cm³、speed intermittent:800 rpm、torque continuous:40 Nm、torque intermittent:57 Nm、output continuous:2.4 kW、output intermittent:3.2 kW、pressure continuous:100 bar、pressure intermittent:140 bar、pressure peak:160 bar


In addition, we can fully guarantee the product and quality you require, and we will conduct one-to-one testing for each product to ensure its quality. If you have any doubts about the product, I suggest you apply for a trial order of one piece from us to test our quality. Hanjiu's online store supports flexible payment, telegraphic transfer, PayPal, Western Union, letter of credit are acceptable. Please rest assured that your funds will be safe if you cooperate with us.In terms of express delivery, in order to ensure the safety of the goods, Hanjiu will use some reliable channels such as DHL, fedex, TNT... , available by air and sea. Looking forward to your coming!


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