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Compared with medium and large motors, hydraulic motor small should be more close to the life of ordinary people. For example, elevators and elevators need to be installed with small motors. Of course, small motors also play a large role in conveyor driving devices, winches, agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, cranes and sawmill equipment. For example, the hydraulic gear motors of Hanjiu brand bmp bm2 omp mp small motor is a small hydraulic gear motor.


The displacement is only 50cc, the flange is 2 hole, SAE-A, distance 106 mm, the diameter of the center is 82.50 mm, its shaft is a 25.4 mm diameter cylinder. Ports G1/2 (inlet and outlet) G1/4 (drainage). Despite its small size, it can run smoothly throughout the speed range, maintain a constant operating torque in its own speed range, and work very efficiently. Based on its high quality, this motor also has a long life under extreme operating conditions.


If you make a comparison on various websites, you will find that the average price of hydraulic motors of this quality in other brands reaches more than $100, while the price of our Hanjiu products is $83 when you buy 50-99 pieces, which is already a very cost-effective price, but we think it is not enough to reflect the sincerity of Hanjiu. So if you order more than a hundred pieces, we will reduce the price by nearly fifty percent.


In short, you have an existing hydraulic system that requires hydraulic motor small, these hydraulic motors must be the ideal product. Of course, we also have light series hydraulic motors, heavy series hydraulic motors and other models to choose from. In order to reassure you, we will test each motor or pump before delivery, and if necessary, we can send video for you to watch. The warranty period is 12 months after delivery. In addition, we need to remind you that you must choose the appropriate specifications before placing the order.


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