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Why are hydraulic systems so popular in the manufacturing industry now? What is special about the hydraulic system? Don't understand hydraulic system? Do you still want to have a system that runs smoothly?
As we all know, the operating capability of the system mainly depends on whether the power source can last for a long time and stability. Of course, a hydraulic motor that only drags the hind legs cannot upgrade the performance of your hydraulic system. If you want the hydraulic system to be even more powerful, then you must give it to you. The hydraulic system is equipped with a hydraulic motor that can last for a long time. A hydraulic motor with the best endurance is the guarantee for the hydraulic system to run at high speed.
The hydraulic motor market is dazzling. Can't find a high-quality hydraulic motor? It doesn't matter, let me recommend a reliable supplier of hydraulic components. With HANJIU TECHNOLOGY, you can ensure that you don't have to worry about the supply of goods anymore. Because at HANJIU TECHNOLOGY, you can meet all your needs for hydraulic components.
HANJIU TECHNOLOGY’s most popular product is our hydraulic motors. Our hydraulic motors have a variety of brands and excellent performance. Don’t worry about getting dazzled. As long as you have any needs, you can contact our customer service and we will give you the most professional Opinions will allow you to be more precise and efficient in the process of selecting hydraulic motors.
Even if you don't know much about hydraulic systems, I believe you should also understand that hydraulic motors play a vital role in an operating system. Next, let me introduce a few of our best-selling hydraulic motors.
1. BMP series
The BMP series have BMP50, BMP100, BMP250, BMP400, etc. models. This is a small economical hydraulic motor. It adopts advanced structural design, high power and light weight. It is an economical model that is worth starting. Type hydraulic motor. If you need an economical hydraulic motor, choose the BMP series. You can buy the most cost-effective hydraulic motor at the most affordable price.


2.BMR series
The BMR series also has many models, such as BMR50, BMR100, BMR315, etc. The most prominent feature of the BMR series hydraulic motor is that it uses advanced Gerolor gear set manufacturing equipment, which can automatically compensate under high pressure operation. , It can start quickly under low-pressure conditions, the operation is very stable, and the noise is low. The service life is guaranteed, and there will never be a problem of reduced endurance.



3.BMS series
The BMS series hydraulic motors are also our main product. The new BMS series motors use advanced disc-type distribution Geroler gear sets. This device can provide separate variants during the multi-function operation to better ensure the continuous and efficient operation of the hydraulic system. . The new series motor equipped with this hydraulic motor is suitable for vehicles with large load and pressure drop. Therefore, the BMS series hydraulic motor is widely used in the field of heavy industry, and it is the best in heavy industry hydraulic motors.
The reason why I want to recommend our hydraulic motors to you is entirely because we are very confident in the quality of our products. If your hydraulic system lacks a high-quality hydraulic motor like HANJIU TECHNOLOGY, then you are lacking a good helper even more powerful. Buying HANJIU TECHNOLOGY's hydraulic motor will definitely live up to your every choice.





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