There are so many exquisite hydraulic directional valves? Do you still want to buy the best quality hydraulic directional valve if you don't understand these mysteries?


How to choose hydraulic reversing valve? Of course, it depends on your demand for the pressure and flow of the hydraulic directional valve. It is not necessarily good to buy more expensive. The right one with strong applicability is the king. If you know something about hydraulic systems, then you must understand the importance of hydraulic directional valves for hydraulic systems.

 0整体式多路阀.jpg Why does the hydraulic system have to have a hydraulic directional valve? Doesn't it work without a hydraulic directional valve? In fact, a hydraulic system without a hydraulic directional valve will be extremely chaotic. The hydraulic system is a complicated mechanism, and the cylinders and motors in the device are equipped with two directions. In the hydraulic system device, each operation of the hydraulic directional valve can change the flow direction of the fluid, and can also control the operation of the hydraulic cylinder and the hydraulic motor. Without the hydraulic reversing valve, the flow direction of the fluid cannot be controlled, which will affect the normal operation of the hydraulic system.

The most critical part of the hydraulic system is the flow between liquids. How can the direction of liquid flow be controlled without a hydraulic reversing valve. Therefore, the hydraulic reversing valve is an absolutely indispensable weapon in the hydraulic system. I don't know which brand of hydraulic directional valve to buy, listen to me, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY is definitely your best choice. To buy a hydraulic directional valve, you must buy the best quality. HANJIU TECHNOLOGY's hydraulic directional valve can be said to be the most concerned hydraulic component in the hydraulic market. When it comes to hydraulic directional valve, the first thing I think of is HANJIU TECHNOLOGY.

 未标题-2.jpg When it comes to hydraulic reversing valves, one has to say several hot-selling products of HANJIU TECHNOLOGY, such as the HSV 6-A hydraulic selector reversing solenoid valve. This is a highly applicable hydraulic reversing valve, which can be implemented in Arbitrary switching of the operating environment oil circuit with different flow and pressure. The HSV 6-A hydraulic selective reversing solenoid valve can be connected to multiple reversing valves at the same time, which fully ensures that the oil inlet or outlet process of different devices can be carried out stably. Its function is very powerful, and it can also be connected to an oil pump to deliver hydraulic oil to two different oil paths. This is a highly adaptable hydraulic directional valve, which can be widely used in various hydraulic systems and can continuously and stably realize any switching between oil circuits.

After purchasing such a high-quality hydraulic directional valve, how should we maintain it in order to better extend its service life? You need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Before buying a hydraulic reversing valve, you must fully consider whether the hydraulic oil pressure in the hydraulic system you need to use meets the reversing requirements. You must purchase a qualified hydraulic reversing valve to better play a positive role.

2. When installing the hydraulic directional valve, you need to pay attention to the position of the oil inlet and return port of the valve body. The positions of the oil inlet and oil return port of different types of hydraulic directional valve may be slightly different. If you accidentally install the oil inlet and return ports of the valve body upside-down, an operation accident will occur, which will cause irreparable problems.

3. Pay attention to the sealing condition of the connection, and not allow air circulation to pollute the fluid. An absolutely sealed environment should be created to fully ensure the stable operation of the hydraulic system.

4. Check the hydraulic reversing valve regularly and pay close attention to whether the hydraulic reversing valve has internal or external leakage. Once the valve body is damaged, it must be replaced in time to avoid serious consequences.


Choosing HANJIU TECHNOLOGY's hydraulic components will allow you to buy the highest configuration hydraulic directional valve at the lowest price, and at the same time provide you with the highest quality after-sales service. HANJIU TECHNOLOGY is good, and good products are safe and secure. !


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