The cause of deceleration of hydraulic system


Hydraulic system is an important part of construction machinery, generally speaking, the work of hydraulic system is reliable, but in the process of use, due to poor maintenance or unreasonable design and other reasons, there will be some failures. Because the hydraulic system is sealed, it is not easy to find the cause of failure. Generally, start with the phenomenon, analyze the possible causes and check one by one.


The diameter of the cylinder and the flow of hydraulic oil, the speed of the hydraulic lift and the cross-sectional area of the piston rod of the cylinder is inversely proportional to the flow of hydraulic oil, the diameter of the cylinder is fixed, when the speed of the hydraulic lift slows down, the priority should be given to the hydraulic oil flow Angle analysis. The hydraulic lift speed slows down, many people will immediately adjust the relief valve, in an attempt to increase the hydraulic system pressure to improve the speed of the hydraulic lift, in fact, this is a very wrong approach, configuration of the relief valve is to prevent the hydraulic system pressure is too high, protect the hydraulic system, the relief valve set value more than the hydraulic system design value is very dangerous, And increase the pressure of the hydraulic system can not adjust the speed of the hydraulic lift, only when the hydraulic lift load can not start, should check the pressure of the hydraulic system, if the pressure is lower than the normal range, can adjust the relief valve set value.The output flow of the hydraulic pump is insufficient, and the output pressure is insufficient. The relief valve due to permanent deformation or poor installation of the spring is weak spring, the main spool damping hole is locally blocked, the main valve is stuck in a small opening, the hydraulic pump output part of the pressure oil overflow tank, through the system of the effective flow of the actuator is greatly reduced, resulting in insufficient speed of rapid movement. Serious internal and external leakage of the system. When fast forward, the general working pressure is low, but the pressure is much higher with Huairou. When the piston seal of the hydraulic cylinder is damaged, the two holes on the hydraulic cylinder leak large (there is differential pressure) because of the flow, resulting in the hydraulic cylinder fast movement speed is insufficient, and the internal and external leakage of other parts. In order to avoid the above situation in the hydraulic system, we can strengthen the daily maintenance, for example, maintain the normal oil level. Oil level gauges should be installed on the tank for frequent observation and replenishment of oil; To check the oil performance regularly, if can not meet the requirements of the provisions, to replace and clean the tank in time; The oil filter should be cleaned regularly to ensure smooth oil absorption; After the oil pump works for a period of time (due to vibration), the mounting screws or oil inlet and outlet valve screws may become loose, so carefully check and tighten the broadcast; The maximum hydraulic impact force of the system should not exceed 14Mpa.


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