Hydraulic Steering Gear


In the daily work of agricultural machines, the hydraulic steering gear is indispensable, and the frequency of use is getting higher and higher. It has relatively many advantages and plays a key role in some application systems. Let me reveal the hydraulic steering gear for you. Steering veil.


The steering gear is a set of gear mechanisms that complete the transformation from rotary motion to linear motion (or approximate linear motion), and it is also a reduction gear in the steering system. It is the most important part of the steering system. The hydraulic steering gear is a cycloid rotary valve type full hydraulic steering gear consisting of a servo rotary valve and a pair of cycloid rotor stators. It is a full hydraulic steering system composed of oil supply pump, relief valve (or diverter valve), steering cylinder and other connecting accessories.


It is mainly used on low-speed and heavy-duty vehicles such as agricultural machinery and shipbuilding machinery. It can help drivers achieve greater steering force with less operating force. Compared with the previous situation, having a hydraulic steering gear can make work easier It is safer, more reliable, flexible and convenient, and can save a lot of time.


Next, I will introduce you the 101s 160 hydraulic steering unit produced by Hanjiu Company. The SCU 101S-1, 2, and 4 series inherit the steering function of the 101 series in structure and principle. The 101S series is characterized by integrating the following valve functions in one housing: safety valve, shock valve, suction valve and check valve according to the different requirements of the 101 series base. This structure is more compact and easier to operate.


As the first factory in North China to produce and export hydraulic swing motors and steering devices since 2010, Hanjiu has rich workshop experience to manufacture these delicate parts, so choosing Hanjiu means choosing quality and peace of mind. Next, if you have any motor-related professional questions, you can contact Hanjiu. We look forward to your visit and cooperation.


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