The serious impact of the COVID-19 on the hydraulic market


In the context of the continuous development of economic globalization, the continuous spread of the epidemic for three years has brought a blow to the world financial market that cannot be ignored. The relationship between the entire industrial chain from the supply side to the server side has been severed, and the rhythm of research, production, supply and marketing in various industries has been almost completely disrupted. The development of agriculture, manufacturing and machinery is related to the food and clothing of people all over the world. However, many industries are facing difficulties in resuming work, workers' health problems and labor shortages. The global hydraulic market will inevitably be affected, bringing global hydraulic parts companies. unprecedented challenge.

Due to the lack of timely control of the epidemic, most foreign companies are facing pressures such as tight cash flow, supply chain disruption, and general decline in market supply and demand, and do not have enough funds to purchase hydraulic components—hydraulic motor, Hydraulic Control Valve, Torqmotor, etc. As an important technical pillar of agriculture and manufacturing, the supply of hydraulic components is directly linked to the development of agriculture and manufacturing and people's lives. This hits the hydraulic market and people's production and life like never before. This has caused a significant decline in the revenue of most hydraulic parts companies. Employee wages, loan repayments, and rental expenses are the main cost pressures for business operations. The multiple pressures have reacted to the inability to provide basic components for the operation of agriculture, manufacturing and other industries around the world. The vicious circle leads us to ask: Is there really nothing we can do?

As a local Chinese company, HANJIU Technology has minimized the impact of the epidemic under the protection of domestic policies, and the industry has already resumed work in an orderly manner. At the same time, the company expands online sales channels, integrates and innovates internally, builds an international hydraulic information platform, opens up information transmission channels, and achieves timely feedback, technology informatization to achieve stable and orderly supply, strong industrial chain depth capability, and component self-sufficiency. higher. The HANJIU Technology network platform synchronizes typical high-quality products and accurate parameters. For example, the BMER series includes BMER250, BMER250, BMER375, BMER475, BMER 750 and other hydraulic motors of different specifications, and will provide detailed introductions, so that customers around the world can quickly select suitable The product. Affordable prices provide a variety of different product types, including hydraulic motors, hydraulic reversing valves, etc., which can meet the different needs of a variety of customers, and use their best capabilities to help global production resume. In the current hydraulic market, there are many brands of hydraulic motors, but few suppliers of hydraulic components master the core technology. Core technology is the key to manufacturing high-quality hydraulic components. Only hydraulic component suppliers with independent R&D teams have this realistic basis to produce the most technical hydraulic motors. HANJIU Technology masters independent core technology and keeps innovating. Now it is upgrading its products and services by rapidly changing production, changing technology and management, etc., to ensure that our products have a long service life, high efficiency, and long-term stable operation. We are now supplying our hydraulic motor, Torqmotor, Hydraulic Control Valve and other products to the world steadily, efficiently and with high quality.


I believe that as long as you choose HANJIU Technology's products, we will be able to work together to overcome the impact of the epidemic on the world economy and major hydraulic companies, and restore the steady progress of the economy.



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