What can the hydraulic industry bring to the economic recovery under the impact of COVID-19?


Under the influence of COVID-19, many enterprises around the world are now suspending production or even facing closure, and the society's manufacturing, agriculture and machinery industries are all stagnant.The most important thing now is to resume production and revive the economy.
Nowadays, many industries rely on large machinery for production, and the hydraulic machine is one of the most important production machinery.For example, in the automobile manufacturing industry, metal smelting, agricultural production all need to use hydraulic machines or hydraulic devices.To resume production, you need to restore the production of the hydraulic components first.During the epidemic period, the manufacturers of hydraulic components were partially suspended, and some companies that were insisting on production were much less productive than before the COVID-19 outbreak because of insufficient staff.Moreover, due to the shutdown of other industries, the orders received by the hydraulic component production industry are also sharply reduced, which makes it more difficult for the hydraulic industry to survive, and many enterprises are on the verge of bankruptcy.
If the world countries want to restore economy, resume production, you need to buy a large number of hydraulic components, and China benefited from complete and full policy support, take the lead to recover from the influence of the new outbreak, became the earlier recovery of economic and production, import various hydraulic components from China, such as hydraulic motors, pressure control valve, accumulators, etc., to help their resume production, revitalize agriculture, manufacturing and machinery industry is a good way.The price of many hydraulic components and hydraulic motors in China is low, which is a priority for many countries.The number and amount of hydraulic motors imported from China by various countries are increasing year by year. In 2020, the number of hydraulic motors exported from China reached 1,302,200 units. The United States, Germany, Australia and other countries all imported hydraulic motors from China.
Even in the epidemic-threatened environment, the production of hydraulic elements still adheres to the principle of high quality, and is constantly innovating.For example, the improving transmission technology, is gradually achieving efficient energy utilization. If the hydraulic system can improve the transmission technology and increase the energy utilization rate by about 30%, it will save a lot of raw materials and energy, which is particularly important during the pandemic.During the epidemic, we need to make good use of every capacity to help the society recover and facilitate the people to return to normal life and production.At the same time, the hydraulic industry is also upgrading the technical level of energy storage devices to help users better save energy without affecting production efficiency.In addition, the auxiliary components are also constantly developing and progressing, which guarantee the battery life of the hydraulic system while saving energy and time, because the recovery of the economy and manufacturing industry under the epidemic is against time. One minute slow may make people suffer for a more day.
By insisting on production and export during the epidemic, Chinese hydraulic component manufacturers can occupy a large part of the world market, which is our advantage.When other countries cannot produce or supply enough hydraulic components, China can provide them with enough hydraulic components to ensure the recovery of production in various countries and help the world to recover under the impact of the epidemic.
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