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HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has been committed to researching power machines and various motivational launching equipment. It has been researching for more than 15 years and has close cooperation with major machinery manufacturers. Because of the professionalism and compatibility of the equipment, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has a long history with each manufacturer. More than 5 years of cooperative relations, with more than 1,000 cooperations in various places in the United States, Canada, Europe, North America, and China, and received more than 90% of the praise. HANJIU TECHNOLOGY also cares about the evaluation of customers and is getting When customers are dissatisfied with any opinions, they will seriously adopt and accept their opinions, and can make different improvements in response to different opinions, and respect the opinions of customers very much, and will make a satisfaction questionnaire every month. And being able to seek common ground while reserving differences will draw on the good things from other colleagues and correct the bad ones.

Mr. Han is a very considerate and respectful person. For each employee, he will arrange corresponding work according to his specific advantages and hobbies. Moreover, Mr. Han can remember the name and birthday of each employee, which makes them have a This kind of intimacy allows them to better engage in work, and gives employees particularly good benefits, so that they feel at home in the company. As a boss from the grassroots level, Mr. Han is more aware of the difficulty of employees, so HANJIU TECHNOLOGY's welfare system is relatively complete, and starting from the staff’s food, clothing, housing and transportation, employees can no longer worry about other aspects and can be better. In the work, the error rate of employees is extremely low.

Because we need to pay attention to the various applications of each different machine, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY adapts to various machines according to different classifications. For a single hydraulic motor, there are charlynn motors, charlynn 2000 series, Eaton disc valve motors, and disc valve hydraulics. Motors, charlynn hydraulic motors, orbital hydraulic motors, spool valve motors, Charing spool valve motors, Eaton spool valve motors and many other motors.

Disc valve hydraulic motors, as a special kind, are designed to adapt to machines with relatively low chassis. In actual applications, for example, metallurgical machinery uses a low mechanical chassis. If a rail hydraulic motor is used, it is easy to be soaked by wet soil. As a result, the motor rusts. If a relatively flat disc valve pressure motor is used, it can avoid this problem and save space to a certain extent.

 Disc-valve-hydraulic-motors.jpg  Disc valve hydraulic motor of HANJIU TECHNOLOGY. Made of alloy materials, the volume is relatively small, and the weight is relatively light. It can avoid the problem of large torsional power loss. The disc distribution hydraulic motor is an end-distribution hydraulic motor, which plays an advanced role. The column-inlaid stator and rotor parameter design has the advantages of high working efficiency, high working pressure, low starting pressure, stable operation, and the same output torque can be obtained in both directions.

The disc valve hydraulic motor can maximize the kinetic energy output under the condition of relatively low operating speed and high torque. Although small in size, in addition to providing the typical high-pressure energy of modern hydraulic components, this hydraulic motor is the most compact and most space-saving, and it is also conducive to the designer's design work. Due to its compact size, this motor is highly adjustable, allowing the designer to place the kinetic energy at any desired position, but its output power is large, thus reducing the problems caused by installation, not only because of this This kind of motor can be installed on the driving equipment far away from the original energy, reducing other mechanical transmission and connection. Welcome to to learn more.


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