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The world's science and technology are developing very rapidly. For the current modern and contemporary agriculture and animal husbandry, agricultural mechanization has become very common. Among the various machines used in agricultural and animal husbandry production, agricultural tractors are the most common. A complete agricultural tractor is mainly composed of the following major parts: engine, power output transmission, steering, traction, hydraulic brakes, hydraulic suspension, driving control, electrical instruments and walking devices or systems, how do these devices work together? what about?


The power generated by the engine is transmitted to the drive wheels through the transmission system, which causes the tractor to start moving. The power output shaft transmission device is mainly composed of a casing and two mutually perpendicular shaft ports installed on the casing. The movable bevel gear is arranged on the output shaft and the input shaft respectively, and the clutch mechanism is arranged between one of the bevel gears and the shaft; the power shaft connection hole is arranged at the outer end of the input shaft; at the same time, the two The shaft port is provided with an oil seal. The steering system mainly includes several parts such as full hydraulic steering gear, steering electronic control unit, angular displacement sensor, stepper motor driver, stepper motor, etc. The system can control the steering, so that the tractor can make accurate steering. The hydraulic disc brake is used as a safety braking device on the agricultural four-wheel tractor. It is installed on the main shaft of the driving wheel of the tractor. , When the tractor is running normally, the piston, friction plate and bearing seat are in a separated state, and the shaft seat and piston of the bearing remain fixed, and the friction plate will rotate at high speed under the drive of the main shaft; when the tractor is braked, The hydraulic oil will enter the oil cylinder from the oil inlet under the control of the brake solenoid valve, and under the action of the hydraulic oil, the piston will be pressed against the high-speed rotating friction plate, causing it to contact the bearing seat at the other end, so that the hydraulic Under the action of the force, the friction plate is pressed by the bearing seat and the piston, and at the same time, a braking torque is formed to play the role of the braking spindle. The traction system mainly enables the tractor to be towed, and requires the prime mover of the tractor to have sufficient power, and at the same time, sufficient torque is formed on the driving wheels, so as to promote the tractor to travel, and requires sufficient adhesion between the wheels and the ground. , to avoid slippage between the driving wheel and the ground, which will cause the tractor to fail to drive normally.


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