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The hydraulic steering valve in the tractor is a part of the hydraulic power steering system. In addition to the tractor, this valve is also commonly used in the hydraulic power steering of other construction machinery. There is a small motor inside the steering valve, which is connected to an external double-action oil cylinder. With the help of the pilot working pressure, when the steering wheel is turned, the pilot pressure P is switched into the small motor through the movement of the raft core, which reduces the strength of manually turning the steering wheel, and the steering operation is terminated. The core returns to the neutral position, cutting off the power of the booster motor.


Because the full hydraulic steering system has the advantages of light and flexible operation, simple structure, low price, and convenient installation and arrangement of the whole machine, the steering system on the current medium and large horsepower tractors basically adopts the full hydraulic steering system. The full hydraulic steering system on the tractor mainly includes several major components such as full hydraulic steering gear, constant flow overflow pump, steering cylinder, steering oil pot, and connecting oil pipes. However, there are other types of steering systems commonly used in vehicles: mechanical hydraulic power steering systems and electro-hydraulic power steering systems.


The mechanical hydraulic power steering system is generally composed of hydraulic pump, oil pipe, pressure flow control valve body, V-type transmission belt, oil storage tank and other components. No matter whether the car is steered or not, this system has to work, and when the vehicle speed is low in large steering, the hydraulic pump needs to output more power to obtain a relatively large boost. Therefore, resources are wasted to a certain extent. It can be recalled: driving such a car, especially when turning at low speed, feels that the direction is relatively heavy, and the engine is more laborious. And because the pressure of the hydraulic pump is very high, it is easier to damage the power assist system. In addition, the mechanical hydraulic power steering system consists of a hydraulic pump, pipelines and oil cylinders. In order to maintain the pressure, no matter whether steering assistance is required or not, the system must always be in a working state, and the energy consumption is high, which is also one of the reasons for the consumption of resources. Generally, economical cars use more mechanical hydraulic power assist systems.


The main components of the electronic hydraulic power steering system are the oil storage tank, the power steering control unit, the electric pump, the steering gear, the power steering sensor, etc. The power steering control unit and the electric pump are an integral structure. The electronic hydraulic steering assist system overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional hydraulic steering assist system. The hydraulic pump it uses is no longer directly driven by the engine belt, but an electric pump, and all its working states are the most ideal states calculated by the electronic control unit according to the vehicle's driving speed, steering angle and other signals. Simply put, at low speed and large steering, the electronic control unit drives the electronic hydraulic pump to output more power at high speed, so that the driver can steer and save effort; when the car is driving at high speed, the hydraulic control unit drives the electronic hydraulic pump at a lower speed. When running, it saves a part of the engine power without affecting the need for high-speed steering.


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