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Tractors are common equipment in our daily life, mainly used in agricultural production activities, let's take a look at tractor parts.


1. Engine: The engine of the tractor is usually an internal combustion engine, which provides power to drive various other parts of the tractor, such as the transmission system, hydraulic system, etc. Tractors usually use diesel or gasoline as fuel. Diesel engines are more energy-efficient and durable than gasoline engines, making them suitable for long-term heavy-duty work.


2. Transmission system: The transmission system includes clutch, gearbox, transmission shaft and drive wheel. The clutch is used to control the output of the engine, the gearbox is used to change the speed and traction, and the propeller shaft transmits the output of the engine to the drive wheels.


3. Hydraulic system: The hydraulic system is used to control some operations on the tractor, such as lifting device, steering and braking system, etc., and the hydraulic system is composed of hydraulic pump, oil tank, oil pipe and oil cylinder.


4. Gearbox: The gearbox of the tractor is divided into two types: manual and automatic, and the manual gearbox can manually adjust the driving speed, which is suitable for the work that needs to adjust the speed frequently. The automatic transmission can automatically adjust the travel speed, which is more suitable for long working hours.


5. Cab: There are usually two types of cabs for tractors: closed and open. The enclosed cab can effectively reduce noise and dust interference, and improve driving comfort. The open cab is more suitable for working in the warmer months.


6. Tires: Tractor tires usually use large agricultural tires, which have the characteristics of anti-slip, wear-resistant, puncture-resistant and so on.


7. Front-mounted weights: Tractor front-mounted weights can improve the stability of the tractor, prevent the front end from lifting, and improve traction.


8. Tie rod: The tie rod of the tractor can be used to connect the rear hanging equipment, such as cultivators, plows, etc. The height of the tie rod can also be adjusted according to the needs of different operations.


9. Brake system: The importance of the brake system of the tractor is self-evident. It increases driving safety while also protecting other parts of the tractor.


The above is the relevant introduction to Tractor Parts, I hope the above content can help you understand the relevant knowledge of tractors and help you. If you are interested in Tractor Parts, please feel free to contact us.


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