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Hydraulic tractor is currently the most used type of tractor, so do you want to learn how it works? Let me introduce you to the working process of the hydraulic system.


1. Farm tool lifting. When it is necessary to lift the suspended farm implement, pull the joystick backwards so that it is in the "lifting" position and manipulate the valve spool

A flange closes the return channel, while an arc-shaped groove in the spool connects the pump to the cylinder. Therefore, the oil from the oil pump enters the oil cylinder through the control valve, pushes the piston to move backwards, makes the inner lifting arm drive the lifting shaft to rotate counterclockwise around its axis through the piston rod, and then makes the farm tool lift through the suspension mechanism.


2.Farm implements declined. When it is necessary to descend the suspension farm implement, pull the control handle forward, make it in the "down" position, and an arc groove of the valve core of the control valve communicates the oil return channel of the oil pump, and its other arc groove and radial hole communicate the oil cylinder and the oil return channel, therefore, the oil from the oil pump flows back to the oil return channel through the control valve, and the farm tool descends under the action of its own weight. The lifting shaft is driven to rotate clockwise around its axis by the outer lifting arm, and the inner lifting arm pushes the piston forward through the piston rod to squeeze the oil in the oil cylinder back to the oil return channel. However, due to the small diameter of one end of the radial hole, it can throttle the oil return of the oil cylinder, so as to achieve the purpose of slowing down the farm tools. When the small tractor ploughs the land with a suspended plow, the control handle is in this position, and the ploughing depth is controlled by the depth limit wheel on the plow, that is, the height adjustment method is adopted, because the oil can freely enter and exit the cylinder at this time, so this position is also called the "floating" position of the control valve. The hydraulic system generally requires 1.5~2s for the descending time of agricultural tools. In the use of agricultural tools often occur too slow to descend faults, agricultural tools are too slow to descend in addition to the adjustment of the descending speed control valve, but also related to the hydraulic oil temperature and oil quality of the hydraulic system. Too high a hydraulic oil temperature, or too much oil impurities, can cause the descent speed control valve to get stuck in a small opening.


3.Farm tool neutrality. When the need for farm tools to be kept in a certain position after lifting, the joystick should be placed in the "neutral" position, at this time a flange of the valve core of the control valve closes the oil hole leading to the oil cylinder, so that the oil in the oil cylinder does not go out or enter, so the farm tool is stably stopped at a certain height position, at this time an arc groove of the valve core communicates the oil pump and the oil return channel, so the oil from the oil pump flows back to the oil tank through the control valve. In use, it often happens that the farm tool can not be maintained at a certain transportation height, that is, after the farm tool is lifted, the power is cut off, the gear oil pump stops, and the farm tool falls to the ground within 3~5 min. The main cause of this failure is the leakage of all links of the hydraulic system. The main links of leakage are: (1) the matching surface of the piston of the cylinder; (2) shut-off valve mating surface; (3) Matching surface of the descending speed control valve; (4) the joint surface of the oil cylinder and the distributor; (5) The joint surface between the check valve and the seat; (6) The oil sealing cylindrical surface at the small end of the main control valve; (7) The mating surface of the valve sleeve of the main control valve and the housing of the distributor.


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