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Tractor hydraulic pump is a very important part of the tractor, plays a vital role in the whole tractor, understanding the tractor hydraulic pump can help us better use the tractor.


First, the size of the hydraulic pump is related to the function of the tractor.


Hydraulic pump is a vital part of the tractor's hydraulic system, which is mainly used to generate hydraulic energy in order to perform functions such as driving hydraulic motors, position control of motors and cylinders, throttle control, handle control, etc. The function and load of the tractor have a direct impact on the size of the hydraulic pump. For example, tractors that need to perform heavy agricultural work such as ploughing require large hydraulic pumps. For ordinary farming work, a correspondingly smaller hydraulic pump is required.


Second, the size of the hydraulic pump is related to the configuration and demand of the hydraulic system.


The configuration and needs of the hydraulic system are also important factors in determining the size of the hydraulic pump, for example, the hydraulic pump needs to generate enough flow so that the various elements in the hydraulic system, such as cylinders and hydraulic motors, can operate as expected, and the maximum capacity of the hydraulic pump also needs to match the most demanded flow rate in the system, if the hydraulic pump is too small, it will lead to low efficiency of the hydraulic system, or even not working properly. Therefore, in the process of hydraulic system design, it is necessary to configure hydraulic pumps according to different functional requirements.


Generally speaking, the size of the hydraulic pump on the agricultural tractor will not exceed 30 liters per minute, but the specific hydraulic pump size also needs to consider the actual situation of each tractor, including the working nature of the tractor, model, etc. If you need to know the size of the hydraulic pump for a specific model of tractor, you can contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.


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